A Heartwarming Story for Eid: Former Refugee Discovers Man Who Donated Bicycle 25 Years Ago

Published August 14th, 2019 - 09:36 GMT

The story of Mevan has been warming hearts, after she asked the internet to find a man who bought her a bike in a refugee camp around 25 years ago.

Mevan Babakar, 29, lived in a refugee camp in the Netherlands after her family fled the Gulf War in 1990. She posted a photograph of the camp worker asking whether anyone could lead her to any information about him. Mevan said he brought her a bike while at the camp which brought her joy and she is trying to reach him now.

Trying to reach as many people as she can, Mevan’s tweet went viral gaining more than 7000 retweets and prompting prominent Twitter users to share it until Mevan found the man.

In another tweet, Mevan posted a couple of pictures she took with the man identified as Egbert, who has been helping many refugees since the 1990s and now lives in Germany.

A thread was posted by Mevan thanking the people helped her to find Egbert, in addition to mentioning other people who reached out to her to tell their stories with Egbert who helped them while they were in refugee camps.

The heartwarming story has attracted the attention of the internet users describing it as bringing back hope in the world in a time when the world is filled with sad stories of war and killing.

Mevan's story with the camp worker has also brought the power of the internet and social media when used for the good into the spotlight.


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