Mass Graves of Yazidis Set on Fire Point to ISIS

Published June 12th, 2019 - 07:07 GMT

Videos of massive wildfires flamed through crop fields and the mass graves of the 2014 Yazidi Genocide victims  have widely circulated the internet.

After the wildfires ignited in the crop fields of Sinjar, a region mainly inhabited by the Yazidis, it quickly extended to the mass graves of the Yazidis killed in what became known as the ISIS genocide in August 2014, in which more than 5000 Yazidis were brutally killed and thousands kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS militants.

The fires also affected the livelihood of farmers’ families in the Kocho village spreading across dozens of acres.

While the source of the fire is still unknown, officials confirmed to the media that another four fires were ignited in the same time in four different areas burning mass graves, raising speculations that it might be an attempt by ISIS to destroy the evidence of their genocide.

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