#MeToo Campaign Against a Lebanese Teacher Samer Mawlawi Gets Attention

Published December 8th, 2021 - 12:19 GMT
high school teacher Samer Mawlawi
Me Too campaign launched against high school teacher named Samer Mawlawi. (Al-Bawaba/ Sally Shakkour)

Teenage females at a school in Lebanon has spoke out against a sexual harasser high school teacher named Samer Mawlawi, a huge campaign and a large number of students has raised their voice and shared their painful experiences.

The story has begun when an Instagram post by the Students Club, an independent network for students all over Lebanon, shared troubling testimony about a high school teacher named Samer Mawlawi who had allegedly sexually harassed his students, Beirut News Website reported.


Students have shared multiple Whatsapp conversation screenshots where teacher Mawlawi, who currently works at the George Sarraf Official High School in Tripoli and a journalist at Sameriyat News, was caught sexually harassing young females.

According to female testimonies, the teacher used to threaten his students and scare them not to speak up about his sexual harassment. He used to warn his female victims to cut their grades if they complain about him.

Furthermore, high school teacher Mawlawi asked to take photos with his class students where he inappropriately touched them and warned those who refused to take a picture with him and used slang language with them.

The girls also revealed that they went to complain about his attitude to the high school manager who refused in his term to listen to them and instead defended the teacher.

After the huge campaign about the high school teacher, the Students Club organized a protest in front of the George Sarraf Official High School in support of the survivors who raised their vocies againt the sexual harassement.

Moreover, students have also broken the school manager’s office to denounce his no action when girls complained about his attitude.

Huge campaign were launched on social media platform following the #metoo movement, people shared several hashtags to announce their support to the survivors including, "#إفضحي_متحرش #expose_harasser" #سامر_مولوي #Samer_Malawi" and #نصدق_الناجيات #We_Believe_the_survivors".

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