Netanyahu Uses Race Science to Justify Occupation

Published July 8th, 2019 - 11:19 GMT
(Al Bawaba News)
(Al Bawaba News)


Israel Prime Minister has sparked controversy and faced a backlash over a bizarre tweet he posted on Sunday on “race science”.


In a 3-tweet thread, Benjamin Netanyahu went to indicate facts about the origins of ancient Philistine and Palestinians citing a DNA recovery from one of the ancient Philistine sites confirming that the origin of Philistine’s people is from southern Europe.

The tweet was followed by a link for a study by National Geographic explaining there might be new details on the Philistines’ DNA and their origins, which does not belong to the current Palestinian lands but to southern Europe, according to the report. 

Netanyahu concludes his thread by confirming that Palestinians’ connection to the land is nothing when compared to the 4000-year connection of the Jews.

While the facts stated by Netanyahu might actually be true based on different historical facts and religious interpretations, it sort of ignores the point.

Israel’s PM uses such facts for political means to prove there is no connection between the modern Palestinians and the land in a bid to justify the decades-long Israeli occupation.

The tweet sparked a massive backlash among Israelis left wing and liberals who considered Netanyahu’s tweet as a direct incitement against Palestinians.

Others condemned the PM’s attempt to classify people according to their races or origins historically.

This tweet came a day after a video went viral for Yair Netanyahu, the PM’s son, in Alabama who was speaking to a crowd about why there's no such thing as a Palestinian people.

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