Saudi TV Personality Didn't Say He Would Shoot Himself if He Goes Back to Riyadh

Published May 10th, 2022 - 08:25 GMT
Ali Algofaily
Ali Algofaily (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Some one has landed himself in the hot soup without meaning to. Top Saudi presenter for the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Ali Algofaily is caught on the social media camera for what appears to be a highly controversial view he made regarding different places in the Arab world and the Gulf.

Its caught on video, tweeted and retweeted time and again, what people in the social media trade, see as going viral. The clip that caught the attention of many is what he appeared to say, (and here its paraphrasing) he would prefer to be shot in the head if the MBC moved its headquarters from Dubai to Riyadh. What? Why?

Cool it! The clip generated lots of terse comments displayed all on the social media between those that displayed anger and those that actually supported the Saudi TV personality.  Algofaily said the original clip was taken out of context and didn't convey the message that he wanted to say which is not at all related to his likes and/or dislikes.

So what did he wanted to say? Again its paraphrasing, the senior TV presenter (and here, its one of the viral videos) wanted to say if people ask him one more time when the MBC is moving his headquarters to Riyadh he would shoot himself in the head. Now that's a lot different from how he was portrayed. 

Which goes to show that many people are interested when the MBC, reputedly the largest broadcaster in the Arab world, is moving back to Riyadh. With the social media, the mix up is easily made because of the constant views that are being posted in today's communications world. 


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