Snow Showers Cascade Middle East Cities

Published January 20th, 2022 - 12:54 GMT
In rural Quintera, Syria
In rural Quintera, Syria (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Snow is hitting the whole of this part of the world - the so-called Fertile Crescent that includes Jordan, Syria and Palestine but this time 'snow videos' are being posted on Iraq and Saudi Arabia. 

First thing Syria. There, the snow has been "gushing" as this video shows:

Next is Damascus, the Syrian capital: The following posts says Damascus is wearing its white dress with the snow covering its streets:

In Jordan's Salt people are dancing in celebration of the snow. Off course, the snow, heavy in some places, have covered the whole of the Kingdom with freezing weather:

In Iraq the same was the case. There, snow have been heavy in some places mainly in the north of the country:

Then there is the snow in Palestine and its different cities. One video clip from Hebron says it all:

And finally northern Saudi Arabia in Tabouk with one wonderful video showing camels running in a mass span of snow.

 And another:


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