Trump’s Campaign Used ‘Invasion’ Term Around 2000 Times in Facebook Ads

Published August 7th, 2019 - 12:41 GMT


In the wake of El Paso, Texas shooting, in which 22 people were killed in an attack targeting Hispanic majority area, internet users and experts have gone to analyze the shooter’s use of the word “invasion” and link it to the rising anti-immigrant rhetoric of the US President Donald Trump and the right-wing.

The 21-year-old American shooter has cited phrases such as the “Hispanic invasion” in his manifesto that was published in the online forum 8chan before he carried it on.

This led digital experts to examine his use of the word and track it.

Users have looked into the use of the “invasion” word by Donald Trump and his campaign in Facebook’s analysis of political ad archive, and what they found was not shocking.

According to the analysis given by the platform, Trump’s campaign has used “invasion” to describe migrants seeking entry at the US-Mexico border in 2,199 Facebook ads since January.

The ads were viewed between 1,059,000 and 5,559,801 times by Facebook users and had cost the campaign between $7,900 and $241,601 to promote.

Al Bawaba Node has checked it here are the results we got.

Trump’s re-election campaign has been promoting ads since the beginning of the year 2019 to collect fundings to the disputed wall between the US and Mexico which would stop the illegal immigrants “invasion” of the country, as Trump likes to refer to.

While there were dozens of ads, it was all the same two copies repeated.

Source: Facebook Ads Library. (Link Here)

This comes in a time Donald Trump has blamed the internet and social media for the racist rhetoric displayed by the El Paso suspect which prompted internet users to prove the opposite.


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