Viral: Come on Mr President! A Second Pandemic? Please Explain

Published June 23rd, 2022 - 07:29 GMT
Joe Biden
US president Joe Biden (AFP)

ALBAWABA - Should America be scared health-wise. Well, yes judging from what US president Joe Biden is saying. 

His comments are trending all over the social media. Yes, he says, America, should be preparing for a second pandemic next year. He is talking about Covid-19, the global health disaster that caused havoc in America and the world. 

He wants to "think ahead" and is planning for a 2023 budget that will include a massive $82 billion over five years to provide treatment, vaccines and research into different pathogens. But this will have to be approved by the US Congress. 

People on social are not too happy about what going on, and this is not because of the coming treatment but because of the so-called coming pandemic which might be scaring everyone. 

This one doesn't want to hold back:

Another however is continuing to point fingers elsewhere:

  Some as well have been take a jibe at the president for what can be termed, and for want of a better word, 'scare-mongering':

Is this anything related to Biden's approval ratings. One poll stated earlier that he might be flunking:

But back on the second pandemic which the American president is sure about happening again. This one says:


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