Viral: Is Putin a War Criminal? Biden Says so!

Published March 17th, 2022 - 07:01 GMT
Biden (L), Putin
Biden (L), Putin (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA - Is the Russian President Vladimir Putin really a war criminal? The social media is going crazy about the comment made by US President Joe Biden.  He, after the question asked, said: 'Yes I think he is a war criminal".

It was a terse, sharp sentence that got eyes rolling and the social media posting. He can't be, can he? This maybe a policy shift in the US administration.

Biden was referring of course to the Russian military intervention in Ukraine which started on Feb 24 but does not seen to be ending any day soon.

As expected this upset Moscow and the Kremlin, and angry at such words. A Kremlin official said such a comment is "unforgivable" and acceptable.

One tweeted - as if to say Biden is absolutely right - that "Putin is not only a war criminal, he's the worst kind of criminal." Why? of course, because of the Ukraine war. 

And the comments, postings and tweets and retweets just continue coming. Its going viral and will not stop. 


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