Was Biden Asleep in His Meeting With Israel's Naftali Bennett?

Published August 30th, 2021 - 12:44 GMT
Naftali Bennett (L) Joe Biden
Naftali Bennett (L) Joe Biden (AFP Photo)

ALBAWABA – This time social media has gone crazy with laughter maybe, dismay, yes….or just cynicism.

At meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in the White House, Monday, US president Joe Biden appears to be having a nap.

One asked has the President “fall asleep during his meeting” with Bennett. “Take a close look and decide for yourself.”

Another laments with Joe Biden working with the US leaders on Afghanistan 7x24 who can blame him? But the post adds he wasn’t sleeping his hands were moving! Watch the whole clip, man!

Another continues “the sleeping accusation” has to be debunked. “It is shameful that you people are rooting against America.” Was Biden engaged though with what Bennett was saying? “He was engaged throughout”, just watch the whole video…

Yes, Biden was looking down but he definitely wasn’t asleep. So why aren’t you looking directly at the PM’s eyes came the next question? But such a question must be directly put to the US president and it’s not for us to speculate?

Not wanting to relent another asks do you move your fingers whilst you are sleep? Another dares: Do you normally indulge in such activity – close your eyes, put you head down – when someone is talking to you. Its “rude” and “pathetic”.


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