'We Are All Sherine Abu Aqleh' - Jordanians Lament the Death of a Journalist

Published May 12th, 2022 - 08:28 GMT
Sherine Abu Aqleh 1970 - 2022 (twitter.com)

ALBAWABA - Jordanians are in a state of shock over the killing of Palestinian journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh by an Israeli sniper who long worked for the Al Jazeera satellite news channel. 

The condemnation of the shooting was rife from the government downward to the street level. One stand was registered by a protest outside the Al Kalouti mosque in Amman organized by the The National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland, an NGO the long opposed normalization with Israel.

The social media in Jordan - not to say anything about the international media, have been rife in covering the killing of the journalist.

She started work at Al Jazeera since 1997 and has long been covering Israeli atrocities in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip and continued to do so over the course of over two decades.

The name of Sherine Abu Aqleh is continuing to trend on the social media with under different hashtags including (#Palestine, #SherineAbuAqleh#لا_لاستضافة_الإسرائيليين, #شرين_أبو_عاقلة). 

Her assassination by the Israelis - and she always expected death after so many near misses and said she always felt death at the door - shocked many Arab households watching the Palestinian tragedy through the lens of Al Jazeera. 

Sherine Abu Aqleh, whose obituary is being written, a journalist who believed in the truth and sought to broadcast to the world no matter at what cost was born in 1970 and died in 2022 at the age of 51. The Israelis finally managed to kill the truth:

She was passionate about her work says Walid Al Omari, the director of the Al Jazeera office in Ramallah; having studied journalism at Yarmouk University.

She was remembered in another reporter's vigil outside the Al Jazeera offices in Amman. 

 Internationally she was praised by such respected journalists as CNN's Christian Amanpour who has paid tribute to her. She had this to say:



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