Will The Johnson-MBS Repartee Be Enough to Hike Oil Output, Stabilize Prices? 

Published March 20th, 2022 - 09:32 GMT
Johnson (L) MBS
Johnson (L) MBS (AFP Photo)

ALBAWABA - There is definitely bromance between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Ben Salman. But it is just politics mixed up!

Everybody is talking about the budding relationship, the media is analysing it, the social media is quick with the postings and the tweets and retweets keep coming, and off course there is the question of hashtags to consider. Its all in one go. 

Johnson made a quick trip to Saudi Arabia last week via first visiting the UAE. It was a single day, at first we thought nothing of it, aside from the fact he wanted to come to the Arabian Gulf to stabilize soaring oil prices and increase output worsened by Russia's debacle in Ukraine. 

One week later, the news continued to make headway as the media realized what was happening and started to write about the apparent ongoing relationship between PM Johnson and the Saudi Crown Prince.

They just get on well. There is a rapport between the two men and many officials say they just hit it off like two friendly buddies, nothing wrong with that. It happens every day people. There are individuals you like and others you don't like! Its life!

The endearments is underlined with posts pointing to one phone call the British and Saudi politicians had some weeks ago with one saying “I miss you" and with the other replying “I miss you more,” according to a senior U.K. official.

Of course many on the social didn't see it that way. The "closeness" they said is too much especially with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul still fresh in everyone's minds. 

But regardless, because international politics takes the lead here. Everyone, leaders and politicians that is, wants to turn the screws on Vladimir Putin for invading the Ukraine.

They, Europe and the USA, don't want anything to do with Russian oil despite the hefty consequences. So Johnson, realizing he has good rapport with MBS travels to Saudi Arabia for business and oil price stability for the western consumer. 

Johnson has been as the best man for the job at hand, especially since American president Joe Biden won't directly talk to MBS because of the Khashoggi affair and human rights, at least this is what Netizens are saying but there is another point that. Before Johnson stepped on Saudi soil 81 people were executed in the Kingdom in a single day for various reasons, including alleged terror charges. 

So this is the gest of the visit.  However aside from friendly relations, we are yet to know if the Saudi Crown Prince was convinced of hiking up oil production and stabilizing prices. After all, its in Saudi interest to have prices spiral upwards for different things. 

But we must wait and see.

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