The scene of the massive explosion near the the port in the Lebanese capital Beirut. (AFP)
Last Tuesday, hours before a massive explosion rocked Beirut, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an ominous warning to Lebanon. “We hit a cell and now we hit the dispatchers… I suggest to all of
An aerial view shows damaged buildings in Beirut's neighbourhood of Gemayzeh, days after a huge chemical explosion hit the nearby port, devastating large parts of the Lebanese capital and claiming over 150 lives. AFP
The incident at the Port of Beirut last week cannot be considered as just another disaster like many others that occur daily in the Middle East. Not only because of the loss of life, damage
Macron in Beirut (AFP/Getty Images)
The French president's effort to help Lebanon is admirable, but he remains tone-deaf and out of touch with most Lebanese. In one of the most devastating incidents in the last few decades, Beirut, Lebanon's capital


For some Arabs, living under the malaise of political and economic hopelessness is proving too much to bear. In a communal culture like the one found in the Arab world, ...
The American University of Beirut (AUB), the region's oldest and most influential foreign institution of higher learning, is facing the most serious challenge in its 154-year history due to Lebanon's ...
Pakistan is piling on pressure at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, but it all boils down to whether Arab powers will relent. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) late last ...

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