After The Taliban Takeover: Hundreds Try to Board Planes in Kabul Airport

Published August 16th, 2021 - 06:41 GMT
People crowd the tarmac at the Kabul airport
People crowd the tarmac at the Kabul airport as they rush to board flights to leave the country. | Shakib Rahmani/AFP

ALBAWABA – With the fall of Kabul to the Taliban hundreds of Afghanis flock to the Hamid Karazi International Airport in the capital to try to seek flights out of the Afghanistan. 

Meanwhile thousands gather outside the airport trying to get in after hearing rumors that Canada is taking Afghanis without visas.They are only few flights that are leaving and Afghanis are making sure they will be on one of them.

The fall of Kabul and Afghanistan comes 20 years after US troops set foot in the country to shore up the government. US president Joe Biden is being blamed for the fall of the existing government of Ashraf Ghani who fled the country.


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