Arsenal projected lineup against Man Utd

Arsenal projected lineup against Man Utd
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Published November 10th, 2013 - 15:20 GMT via

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Arsenal news: Gunners projected lineup against Manchester United
Arsenal news: Gunners projected lineup against Manchester United
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Arsenal are flying high this season as things at the moment could hardly get any better for the club. Although they have had a struggle with injuries this season, the club continue to massively impressive.

The Gunners secured a strong 2-0 victory over second placed Liverpool last weekend at the Emirates and then traveled to Germany and secured an even more impressive three points in the UEFA Champions League against Borussia Dortmund.

With Arsenal proving how well they can handle soaking up attacking pressure in midweek against Dortmund, that could be part of their test against Manchester United as the Red Devils' attacking pair of Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie will be certainly a handful.

Speaking prior to the match this week Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger mentioned how much Arsenal have changed since their 8-2 defeat at the hands of United at Old Trafford in August of 2011, and how the importance of his match is now on the side of the Gunners even more so than United:

"Their heaviest defeat since 1896, when they lost 8-0 to Loughborough Town.

It could have been 20 [in 2011]. It actually reached the point where I felt – please, no more goals.

But we played some fantastic football that day. With the missed chances on either side, it might have been 12-4 or 12-5."

But, the manager continued with his belief that his Arsenal now is much different than the side that were seen in front of the Old Trafford crowd in 2011:

"We rush less, we do not panic. We believe we can get a result on Sunday.


We go there like we go everywhere, to control the game and to win the game. Every season we have done well, winning the league, we have always won at Old Trafford."

In closing Wenger mentioned just how important the match really could be as in the long run it could be much more important than just three points in the table and a "W" in the wins column:

"One of the benchmark games … a game when you can judge how strong you really are."

Wenger will be extremely excited to see his club have a chance to repeat history that has been a major part of their title winning success in the past. Although it is only 11 weeks into the campaign, a win against United could be a huge turning point and boost for the Gunners heading into the international break.

Once again the focus for Arsenal will be on Aaron Ramsey as the young Welshman scored yet another match winning goal in midweek in Germany to take his total to 11 goals this season.

United are certain to target Ramsey but that could see Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil, Tomas Rosicky and Olivier Giroud have a little more freedom to create that could cause the Red Devils many problems.

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