Blatter's Twitter Feed Hacked

Blatter's Twitter Feed Hacked
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Published April 23rd, 2013 - 14:46 GMT via

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FIFA president Blatter's 'hacked' Twitter account shows corruption 'admissions'
FIFA president Blatter's 'hacked' Twitter account shows corruption 'admissions'
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According to international football governing body FIFA, the Twitter accounts of its head Sepp Blatter and the World Cup team have been hacked, with spoof messages posted claiming that Blatter was involved in corruption.

FIFA sources said that the co-ordinated hacking affected the @SeppBlatter and the @FifaWorldCup accounts, with messages suggesting the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar had involved money-changing hands, Sky News reports.

The report further said that a group called the Syrian Electronic Army had claimed responsibility for the hackings by signing off from both accounts.

According to the report, while the @FifaWorldCup account carried tweets suggesting that Blatter was to stand down following corruption charges, the @SeppBlatter account 'responded' with messages purporting to be Blatter defending himself, saying that he will not apologise for his decision as he has done the best for FIFA.

The report also said that spoof messages purporting to be from Blatter also hinted that he had received money in connection with the awarding of World Cup 2022 to Qatar.

However, FIFA issued a statement saying that the messages are false and the accounts of Blatter and @FifaWorldCup have been hacked, adding that to avoid any doubt, fans can verify and check any statements that they see on a FIFA twitter account with the FIFA Media department (

However, many of the posts on the twitter feed were re-tweeted by people before FIFA had a chance to take them down. (ANI)

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