Chelsea's Mata discusses transfer rumors and looks forward to season Ahead

Chelsea's Mata discusses transfer rumors and looks forward to season Ahead
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Published September 7th, 2013 - 22:44 GMT via

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Chelsea's Juan Mata Talks Transfer Rumors and Season Ahead
Chelsea's Juan Mata Talks Transfer Rumors and Season Ahead
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Juan Mata

Juan Mata: I think it's normal in every transfer market window there are a lot of rumors, but I feel happy. I'm here. Since I came its been a very good two seasons for me, maybe the best of my career. And what I want is for this season, it'll probably be the same. I'm looking to achieve as many as we did the last two seasons, so hopefully its going to be a very good season for us again. 

Question: Is it difficult to focus on the football when your name is being mentioned in the media? 

Juan Mata: For me its not. If you have the things clear and you believe in yourself. For me my only aim is to play here, grow as a player and to do a season as good as the last two which were amazing for me. 

Question: Hard to believe you've already been here for two years, but what a successful period its been. 

Juan Mata: Yea, its been two seasons and I think time flies because you don't realize every day, every game and even every month, so for me these two seasons have were so quick, but its good because when you are enjoying and you are happy, the time goes quicker. 

Question: How's the fitness?

Juan Mata: We are doing a very good week of training and I feel really good - I'm looking forward to playing. 

Question: I guess with preseason slightly frustrating with a couple of niggling injuries but are you back to 100% now? 

Juan Mata: Yea, it was a difficult preseason because I had an injury that I've never had before, a muscle injury, so it took me a bit more time to get fit but now I feel really good. 

Question: I guess from your perspective you had a bit of break after the Confederations Cup, a bit of an oddity for you. 

Juan Mata: Yea, I had four weeks, which to be honest was too much time, because in the past five six years I didn't have this amount of days, but it was good to rest, to be far from football and to get ready for the season because I think its going to be a long season again. 

Question: How important is rest? You played 70 games last year - how realistic is it to do it year after year?

Juan Mata: I think it depends on every player - for me the best thing to do is play and play as much as I can because I love to play and I love when I have a game at the weekend or in the middle of the week. What I love is to play so if you have a lot of games during the season, then maybe the training are the games. 

Question: I guess you mention that weeks like this are fantastic to work on the fitness side of the game. 

Juan Mata: I think it is very good to have the whole week to get ready to train with the kids which is very good for them and for us and with this sun, its amazing!

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