FIFA Announce use of Goal-line technology at 2014 World Cup

FIFA Announce use of Goal-line technology at 2014 World Cup
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Published October 11th, 2013 - 19:47 GMT via

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FIFA Announce Use of Goalline Technology at 2014 World Cup
FIFA Announce Use of Goalline Technology at 2014 World Cup
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News that there will be goalline technology in the coming World Cup next summer has created some positivity in the wake of other doubts surrounding the event. While FIFA has been embroiled in controversy around other affairs, their decision to conclude their addition of goalline technology is a step in the right direction about building a system of competition management that aids in getting the right results.

GoalControl was the company chosen to have their product evaluated in the 2013 Confederations Cup this past summer and also were awarded the contract for the Club World Cup and the 2014 World Cup based on FIFA's evaluation of the product over this summer.

On Thursday, FIFA made the following statement in regards to the use of goalline technology in next summer's World Cup in Brazil:

"Today’s announcement follows an evaluation process in which the relevant departments within FIFA examined the use of GoalControl-4D during the FIFA Confederations Cup. While there were no goal-line incidents in which the technology was required to determine whether a goal had been scored, the system met all necessary FIFA requirements and indicated every one of the 68 goals correctly. Importantly, there was also a high-level of satisfaction reported by match officials.

Furthermore, FIFA can today confirm that GLT will be used at the FIFA Club World Cup to be played in Morocco from 11-21 December 2013 and that GoalControl GmbH will be the official GLT provider for the event.

The use of GoalControl-4D in Morocco and Brazil will be subject to a final installation test at each stadium, which is a standard procedure as part of the official certification process defined in the GLT Testing Manual. These tests will be conducted by an independent test institute. Prior to the start of every game, the match officials will also carry out their own tests, in-line with the operational procedures approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB)."

It will be interesting to see if the technology is called to use in the next two competitions and what results it could have an effect on in the process of its implementation in the next year.

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