Premier League injury report

Premier League injury report
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Published February 4th, 2014 - 18:04 GMT via

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EPL injury report: Arsenal star ruled out for up to six weeks
EPL injury report: Arsenal star ruled out for up to six weeks

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been ruled out for up to six weeks after suffering a thigh injury in training last week, according to the Guardian.

Ramsey, who had just recently returned to training after missing time with a hip injury, was looking forward to getting back on the pitch this weekend against Crystal Palace when the unfortunate injury struck. 

The injury undoubtedly hurts the Gunners who are fighting for their first league title since the 2003-2004 season and currently sit two points ahead of Manchester City and Chelsea at the top of the table.

Ramsey had seen an amazing run of form to start the season having scored eight goals to go along with six assists, and even won Premier League Player of the Month honors for September. 

It was a welcomed sight for Arsenal fans who know the injury struggles that the Wales international has dealt with throughout his career, and this most recent news will have club, fans, and players very disappointed.

Nevertheless, Arsenal has shown resiliency in dealing with injuries thus far, and while the squad will surely miss the services of Ramsey, Arsene Wenger has a deep squad that is very capable of continued success. Unfortunately, The Gunners have a daunting month ahead of them, which includes league matches against Liverpool and Manchester United; an FA Cup fifth round match against Liverpool; and a UEFA Champions League round of 16 match against defending champions Bayern Munich.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other important injuries around the league:

Courtesy of Physio Room

Injury information last updated: Tuesday 4th of February 2014 2:02:11 PM

ClubInjuriesPlayerConditionExpected Return*Next Match**
Arsenal8T VermaelenCalf/Shin Injury8th Feb 14 
  M ArtetaKnock8th Feb 14 
  K KallstromBack Injuryno return date 
  J WilshereAnkle/Foot Injury8th Feb 14 
  T WalcottACL Knee Injuryno return date 
  A RamseyHip/Thigh Injury1st Mar 14 
  Y SanogoBack Injuryno return date 
  V DiabyACL Knee Injuryno return date 
Aston Villa7R VlaarHamstring Injuryno return date 
  G AgbonlahorAnkle/Foot Injury8th Feb 14 
  L KozákBroken Legno return date 
  C HerdHamstring Injuryno return date 
  J BennettBack Injuryno return date 
  J OkoreACL Knee InjuryApr 14 
  C N'ZogbiaCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
Newcastle United7S AmeobiIllnessno return date 
  Y GouffranMuscle Injury8th Feb 14 
  G ObertanKnee Injuryno return date 
  P CisseBack Injury8th Feb 14 
  G BigirimanaAnkle/Foot Injury22nd Feb 14 
  F ColocciniMCL Knee Ligament Injury12th Feb 14 
  R TaylorACL Knee Injuryno return date 
Everton6L TraoreHamstring Injury9th Feb 14 
  R LukakuAnkle/Foot Injuryno return date 
  B OviedoBroken Legno return date 
  G DeulofeuHamstring Injury9th Feb 14 
  A KoneKnee InjuryMay 14 
  D GibsonACL Knee InjuryMay 14 
Fulham6K RichardsonAnkle/Foot Injury4th Feb 14Late Fit Test
  S RietherCalf/Shin Injury4th Feb 14Late Fit Test
  J Arne RiiseHamstring Injuryno return date 
  F AmorebietaKnee Injury9th Feb 14 
  N EtheridgeHip/Thigh Injuryno return date 
  M BriggsGroin/Pelvis Injuryno return date 
Liverpool5G JohnsonAnkle/Foot Injury12th Feb 14 
  L LeivaMCL Knee Ligament Injury1st Mar 14 
  D AggerCalf/Shin Injury12th Feb 14 
  M SakhoHamstring Injury8th Feb 14 
  J EnriqueKnee Injuryno return date 
Manchester United5P JonesConcussionno return date 
  J EvansCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
  R FerdinandKnee Injury9th Feb 14 
  M FellainiThumb/Wrist Injury9th Feb 14 
  NaniHamstring Injuryno return date 
Swansea City5J ShelveyHamstring Injuryno return date 
  J CañasAnkle/Foot Injury8th Feb 14 
  M MichuAnkle/Foot Injury8th Feb 14 
  M VormKnee Injury8th Feb 14 
  G MonkKnee Injuryno return date 
Manchester City4FernandinhoMuscle Injuryno return date 
  S AgueroHamstring Injury2nd Mar 14 
  J GarcíaMuscle Injury8th Feb 14 
  S NasriMCL Knee Ligament Injury18th Feb 14 
Sunderland4S FletcherCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
  L CattermoleCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
  C CuellarHip/Thigh Injury8th Feb 14 
  K WestwoodShoulder Injuryno return date 
Tottenham Hotspur4M DembeleKnockno return date 
  E LamelaHip/Thigh Injury12th Feb 14 
  A TownsendHamstring Injury12th Feb 14 
  S RanieriCalf/Shin Injury9th Feb 14 
West Bromwich Albion4J MorrisonCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
  J OlssonHamstring Injury11th Feb 14 
  N AnelkaKnee Injuryno return date 
  S SessegnonGroin/Pelvis Injury1st Mar 14 
West Ham United4J O'BrienDislocated ShoulderApr 14 
  M DiameKnee Injuryno return date 
  J ColeGroin Strainno return date 
  R Vaz TeKnee Injury8th Feb 14 
Hull City3J ChesterHamstring Injury8th Mar 14 
  J DudgeonKnee Injury8th Feb 14 
  S AlukoCalf/Shin Injury8th Feb 14 
Norwich City3M TurnerHamstring Injury23rd Feb 14 
  J HowsonBack Injury23rd Feb 14 
  E BennettKnee Injury11th Feb 14 
Southampton3C ChambersKnockno return date 
  G RamirezAnkle/Foot Injury8th Mar 14 
  D LovrenAnkle/Foot Injury8th Mar 14 
Stoke City3M EtheringtonCalf/Shin Injuryno return date 
  A WilkinsonAnkle/Foot Injury8th Feb 14 
  R HuthKnee Injuryno return date 
Cardiff City2M HudsonHamstring Injuryno return date 
  A TaylorCalf/Shin Injury15th Feb 14 
Chelsea2F TorresLCL Knee Ligament Injury8th Feb 14 
  M Van GinkelACL Knee InjuryApr 14 
Crystal Palace2J ThomasCalf/Shin Injury8th Feb 14 
  G MurrayACL Knee Injury8th Feb 14 
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