Reina dissapointed with Liverpool's management

Reina dissapointed with Liverpool's management
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Published July 29th, 2013 - 19:39 GMT via

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Pepe Reina Hits Back at Liverpool
Pepe Reina Hits Back at Liverpool
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The future of Pepe Reina at Anfield has been speculated a lot for the last year. Ever since Victor Valdes revealed that he would not be renewing his contract with Barcelona, Reina has been linked with a return to Spain. His form in recent years has also not helped the case either.

The biggest hint that his time at Anfield had come to an end came when the club signed Simon Mignolet from Sunderland for £9 million. Clearly, Reina was too good to sit on the bench and Liverpool would not sign a backup goalkeeper for this figure.

The doubts were confirmed when Reina sealed a loan move to Napoli. Rodgers said that the club simply would not have been able to keep Reina happy with the World Cup around the corner. Furthermore, he also hinted that Liverpool brought in Mignolet because they feared Reina would move to Barcelona.

Reina has cleared the air on this strange transfer with an open letter on his official website.

He said, "A lot has been made about me informing the club that if an offer came in from Barcelona that I would have liked them to consider it.

"But I had also spoken to the club about the possibility of extending my contract if the offer was not made.

"When it didn't come, I was happy to fight for my place so I was surprised that Liverpool decided it was in the club's interests to send me to Napoli instead."

Based on his words, though, it is hard to fault Liverpool in signing Mignolet. The club cannot just rely on one player, and when he is being linked with a club like Barcelona, it is tough to expect him to stay for long.

"It is only natural that I would be disappointed that the Liverpool management agreed to loan me to Napoli without telling me first," he added.

This, though, seems very strange because Liverpool could have at least told the player, who has provided them with impeccable service over the last eight years. Reina has been one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League during this period.

Of course, his performances may have dipped in recent times, but still he could have at least been informed.

Even though it is only a loan deal to Napoli, it is hard to see Reina returning to play for Liverpool again. The future – as of now – is definitely with Mignolet.

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