Spain on cloud nine after Euro 2012 high

Spain on cloud nine after Euro 2012 high
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Published July 2nd, 2012 - 13:40 GMT via

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This is Spain's third consecutive major title
This is Spain's third consecutive major title
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In Spain's record breaking performance on Sunday night; they were victorious earning the Euro 2012 title after beating Italy with a staggering 4-0 score.

Winners of the European Championship in 2008, and World Cup champions in 2010, Spain become the first country to retain the European Championship and marked their place in history with a blistering performance on Sunday night.

Spaniards blasted off fireworks and jumped for joy after their football team won the European Championship, giving the country a burst of national pride and temporary relief from the crushing economic woes that have engulfed the nation.

This is Spain's third consecutive major title.

Spaniard Fans

Young and old revelled in their unprecedented third straight international title, blaring car horns and flying the national flag in their hands, through car windows and off the back of motorbikes.

Spain's red-and-yellow colours were everywhere: painted on faces, decorating wigs, on banners draped over fans' shoulders, wrapped around hips, and hanging from balconies and outside bars.

Nobody is thinking about the Euro crisis today; only the Euro victory. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.

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