Top 10 most expensive Premier League signings

Top 10 most expensive Premier League signings
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Published April 5th, 2014 - 17:17 GMT via

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Top 10 Most Expensive Premier League Signings: Manchester United and Chelsea Dominate
Top 10 Most Expensive Premier League Signings: Manchester United and Chelsea Dominate

As the Premier League becomes richer and richer, more and more clubs are spending crazy amounts of money to ensure they get the players they are targeting. For some clubs, money is no issue, and both Chelsea and Manchester City have shown in recent years that they are more than happy to spend inflated fees and wages to secure their desired players.

Other clubs, however, have had to leave their comfort zones to secure their targets. Arsenal for example spent big this summer to secure Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil. The German international smashed the club's transfer record, though has struggled slightly to live up to the hype that came along with the massive fee.

Not all big money moves go to plan though, with Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll to names that come to mind that could hardly justify the crazy fees paid. Torres was a star at Liverpool, but has since failed to make anywhere near the same impact in a blue shirt as he did in a red shirt. Andy Carroll left Newcastle United to replace Torres at Liverpool and also didn't come to close to justifying the amount of money that was spent on him.

Several of the stars in the list below have justified the money spent, though. The likes of Eden Hazard and Rio Ferdinand have both shown that they are worth every penny spent on them with the former's stock only continuing to rise. Ferdinand is definitely past his best days, but he's been a stalwart at United since joining from Leeds. 

Check out Football Daily's list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Premier League Signings below. 

Fernando Torres: Liverpool to Chelsea - £50m
Mesut Ozil: Real Madrid to Arsenal - £42.4m
Sergio Aguero: Atletico Madrid to Manchester City - £38m
Juan Mata: Chelsea to Manchester United - £37.1m
Andy Carroll: Newcastle United to Liverpool - £35m
Robinho: Real Madrid to Manchester City - £32.5m
Eden Hazard: Lille to Chelsea - £32m
Andriy Shevchenko: AC Milan to Chelsea - £30.8m
Dimitar Berbatov: Tottenham to Manchester United - £30.75m
Rio Ferdinand: Leeds United to Manchester United - £30m

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