Video: Ozil discusses his big transfer to Arsenal

Video: Ozil discusses his big transfer to Arsenal
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Published September 7th, 2013 - 06:18 GMT via

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Video: New Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil discusses his big transfer
Video: New Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil discusses his big transfer
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Yesterday, after a lot of speculation, "where is Mesut Ozil", "what's happening" ....ending up with a switch to Arsenal late last night, why Arsenal?

Mesut Özil: Firstly, I am really looking forward to it because I have the trust of the manager, I spoke with him for a long time over the telephone and he described his plans to me and that he trusts me, which is something I need as a player. I am also really looking forward to be with my national team colleagues, Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker. I am just looking forward to a new challenge, I've already heard they have super fans, the city is great, the club is excellent...and I am just happy about it.

Arsene Wenger, a famous manager, speaks excellent German, was that also a factor?

Mesut Özil Of course but not only him, as I said I have my national teammates that will probably be helping me. I am just looking forward to the new challenge.

Real Madrid, you were in Madrid a few days ago there was a big press conference where you stated you will "100%" stay with Real Madrid. Why the sudden change over the span of a few days?

Mesut Özil: Because at that moment I was sure I would be staying with Real Madrid but after I was realising I was not receiving the trust from the manager or the one's in charge and I am a player that needs the trust and this is something I felt from Arsenal which is why I am going there.

Does the World Cup also play a roll?

Mesut Özil:  Absolutely, Arsene Wenger is giving me his trust so that I can continue to develop, I mean, I want to be really fit for the World Cup and with Real I knew what type of potential I would have had, at any club I would have pulled through because I am convinced with my own ability but if I don't feel the trust it was clear to me that I needed to leave and with Arsenal I really feel the fullest of trust and I am looking forward to the challenge and to continue to develop and playing in the premier league.

You didn't play in the last Real match, are you looking forward to Austria?

Mesut Özil: Absolutely, I am the kind of player that wants to always play the full 90 minutes and I am just really looking forward to it. The fans in Munich will support's also a very important match for us against Austria and we will do what the manager expects of us; we'll play good football for the fans and I am also convinced that we will win the game.

You were really loved by the fans in Madrid, will you miss them?

Mesut Özil: Absolutely, they supported me till the last second and I found out that thousands of the fans in the stadium were singing "don't sell Ozil", it just shows how much the fans were behind me and of course when I find something like this out it makes me a bit sad but that's the business of Football and i wish all my friends there all the best, that they stay healthy and continue to have success. And I .just want to personally say thank you again to the fans that were behind me till the last second.

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