Video: Wenger hints at Arsenal transfer surprise

Video: Wenger hints at Arsenal transfer surprise
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Published September 2nd, 2013 - 06:32 GMT via

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Video: Wenger hints at transfer surprise after Arsenal defeated Tottenham
Video: Wenger hints at transfer surprise after Arsenal defeated Tottenham
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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger talks about important win over Tottenham and upcoming possible transfers.

Arsene How big a win was that, how much did you enjoy it? 

Arsene Wenger: I enjoyed it absolutely the attitude that we've shown. It was a very intense game, where sometimes techincally in the second half especially we dropped our level but to sum it up, overall, their goalkeeper was their best player, and we had plenty of chances. I concede that we did hang on in the end because we just wanted to keep the score. Overall it was less goals than usual but still a very interesting derby. 

With Sagna ill before kickoff and Wilshere coming off during the game, was it almost the ultimate test of spirit today. 

Arsene Wenger: It was but I've always praised our spirit and they proved me right today. 

Big win for your fans as well? 

Arsene Wenger: Of course, we know its a special rivalry. For us its thrree points first but as well a special game for everybody here

How is Jack? We're told its not the ankle but an illness. 

Arsene Wenger: It was an illness. We had two sick players before the game. One became just before th game - that was Sagna and Wilshere was a bit better, so i decided to play Wilshere and not Sagna who couldn't play and you know both were not right. 

Olivier Giroud got your goal today. Players like him and Aaron Ramsey are they justifying your policy of sticking with players and trying to grow a team instead of perhaps rather than buy one in? 

Arsene Wenger: Yea I believe the confidence that you show to the players when they have the right attitude for this club it is very important and Giroud is developing into a very strong center forward and he showed that today. 

Having said that , just over 24 hours till the trnasfer window closes, what will we see? 

Arsene Wenger: You will see what we will announce if we sign somebody I promise you that we will be very quick to announce it. But maybe we will have a good surprise for you. 

Having seen that, what do you think you need? Is that team good enough to go out and challenge, that squad you have now? 

Arsene Wenger: Look, I believe ideally you want of course still strength in the squad because we have long term injuries and you always want more quality, but we are working very hard and lets give us time till tomorrow 11pm. 

So a busy day ahead?

Arsene Wenger: Yea its a busy day, a busy day yesterday and a busy night, but we'll be there, don't worry. 

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