Could he become UAE's next national coach?

Could he become UAE's next national coach?
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Published May 28th, 2012 - 16:05 GMT via

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Will Maradona be UAE's next national coach?
Will Maradona be UAE's next national coach?
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As UAE's hunt for a coach for the national football team reaches its climax, the guessing game has already begun.

The name of football legend Diego Maradona, currently coaching the Dubai based Al Wasl club, is doing the rounds as the United Arab Emirates head coaching job.

UAE Football Association president, Yousuf Al Serkal, recently set the ball rolling. He announced that Maradona was among the leading candidates for the position.

“As Maradona is within the family of UAE football, we can’t neglect or overlook such a name,” Al Serkal said.

“We will have to consider him. Whether we like it or not, his name will always be a great influence (but) we have a few names including Mahdi Ali, our local coach of the Olympic squad.”

Curiously the UAE side has been without a head coach since Srecko Katanec left in 2011 following successive defeats in UAE's opening 2014 World Cup qualifying matches. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.

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