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Published January 18th, 2012 - 09:06 GMT

When we heard that the 18th of January will be a car free day and all the hummers, Jeeps and street monsters may be left at home, we thought about what a great initiative it is and how nice it is of the general population to abide by it.

In spite of the fact that it only lasts for one day, it is still said to erase a lot of carbon emission consequently giving the environment a day off.

The no car day does a lot more than just spare the environment of one day of air pollution; it is also meant to encourage and give the car-driving residents a taste of public transportation so that perhaps the fondness might stick; making every day a January 18 day.

Hussain Lootah, Dubai Municipality’s director general, announced at a press conference that although this no-car deal only lasts for a day but ‘we hope more companies will participate.’

Air pollution

“The hope is that one day we have out city without any cars,” he said.

A city without any cars? Would that ever work, is the public transport infrastructure strong and wide enough to accommodate everyone had they all unanimously chosen not to drive their cars anymore?

Lootah said that he expects 2.5 thousand municipality staff to leave their cars behind subsequently resulting in a reduction of 10.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Although Mother Nature would do more than thank us for this day off, a lot more work is needed and a bigger change of perception before everyone is ready to give up their baby cars.

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