Al Qaeda claims Baghdad attacks

Published October 27th, 2009 - 07:05 GMT

An al Qaeda-linked group has claimed the twin suicide bombings that killed 155 people in Baghdad on Sunday. According to Reuters, the statement dated Oct. 26 was posted by the Islamic State in Iraq group on a website used to announce responsibility for such attacks.


"Suicide bombers targeted the dens of infidelity and pillars of the rejectionist Shi'ite state in the land of the caliphate," the statement said. "Among the chosen targets were the ministry of oppression known as the ministry of justice and the Baghdad provincial assembly ... The enemies only understand the language of force," said the statement.


The same group has said it was behind attacks near government ministries in Baghdad that killed 95 people in August.


According to Iraqi officials, two mini-buses were used in Sunday's attacks, circumventing a ban on truck traffic in central Baghdad. Both were driven by suicide bombers from a nearby site.

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