British Muslim Student's Skirt Sparks Discussions Over Religious Freedoms

Published January 14th, 2021 - 09:56 GMT
British Muslim Student's Skirt Sparks Discussions Over Religious Freedoms
12-years-old Siham was told that her skirt is too long for the school uniform. (Twitter: @sarahAl99803787)

The family of a 12-year-old teenage girl has talked to several media sources about the "bullying" their daughter has been facing from her school's administrators; as they asked her to adhere to school's uniform, including a skirt that is shorter than the one she wears.

According to Siham Hamud and her family, the skirt included in the school uniform is shorter than what she would prefer to wear in compliance with her religious beliefs, and Siham has been wearing another school uniform with the same color for several months before administrators started pressuring her into wearing a shorter skirt.

Siham's father told that his daughter was told to go home and change her skirt every day since the start of December and that discussions with the school have been unfruitful as they insist that Siham wears the relatively-shorter skirt that comes with the uniform.

Even though Siham is currently studying from home as per lockdown rules, her family expressed interest in reaching a solution with the school, "hoping they realize their request feels like bullying the teenage girl for her religious beliefs."

Social media users widely shared the news along with photos of Siham's school outfit, saying that "schools should put greater focus on the educational process rather than such little details."


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