Jordanian Old Wives Tales! Some Say Top Singer Causes The Aqaba Gas Disaster

Published June 28th, 2022 - 08:27 GMT
Aqaba blast
Footage on state TV showed a large cylinder plunging from a crane on a moored vessel, causing a violent explosion of yellow gas in Jordan's Aqaba port - Al Mamlaka TV/AFP

ALBAWABA - Here is an interesting angle on Jordan's worst Aqaba gas leak disaster that killed 14 people and injured over 250. 

The disaster of course, which occurred Monday (28 June, 2022) and was the result of an accident which according to the Jordan Times occurred "...when a chemical storage container fell while being transported as a result of a crane malfunction," is trending all over the social media. 

Much sympathy is being offered to Jordan and the deadly gas leak is being covered by many websites from around the world, Jordanians are suspicious about the timing of the accident of the toxic cholerine gas leak with what can be said as old wives tales and superstition. 

Jordanian Arabic website Khaberini wrote a story about this aspect, stating Jordanians suggest the concert by top Egyptian singer Mohammad Ramadan in Aqaba, given two weeks ago in the beachfront city, may have been a bad omen because of the fact that he debuted the stage with his golden-plated car to the surprise of many and the fact of the lyrics of the songs.

These included "bom" "bom". What does this really mean, I will never really know. Has the Aqaba blast really occurred because of Ramadan's blasting off on stage.  

Albawaba Arabic picked up on the story drawing out different views on the social media. It stated some were comparing the yellow color of the car with the seeping cholerine gas. Surely not! However, others also are not so gullible pleading for reality to take over superstition. 

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