Photo: The ‘New Lebanese Prophet’ Was a Musician

Published January 19th, 2022 - 08:14 GMT
Nasha't Majd El-Nour
Nasha't Majd El-Nour claimed that "he often hosts other prophets that can not be seen by unenlightened human beings" (YouTube)

Ever since well-known Lebanese astrologer Carmen Chammas introduced Nasha't Majd El-Nour on YouTube as the "new prophet sent to humanity for salvation," online people across the Middle East have been quite busy watching his videos, expressing a variety of reactions, and trying to know anything about the man's past.

According to Carmen Chammas, Nasha't Majd El-Nour "was sent to humanity from the heavens recently to rescue the human race from the many troubles facing the world."

Translation: "Prophet Nasha't when he was a drummer."

Yet, some unconvinced online people have dug the man's history up trying to know anything about his background, especially since his YouTube channel is about a year old, where he used to post videos about the plant-based diet, Karma, meditation, COVID-19, magic, education, in addition to his predictions for the world. 

Nasha't Majd El-Nour

On a growing Facebook group dedicated to discussing the new prophet's claims, one user posted an old photo saying it shows Nasha't in the past, as he used to be a drummer in a nightclub in Lebanon. The man looks quite similar to the "prophet" but with younger features. He also looks thinner in the photo.

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