Young Mohammad Chained With Blood Running Down His Face Begs to Die

Published September 27th, 2021 - 10:32 GMT
No to Child Violence
No! (Shutterstock)

ALBAWABA – Domestic violence never ceases in the world. But the video of the Iraqi boy chained with blood running down his face is the most heinous of anything that we may have seen so far. This is adulthood that prays on its young victims.

The video is now trending, making social media headlines. The boy is seen begging his father to end it all and let him die so he would suffer no more.

Now, the question that begs itself is what kind of father would do that? Is this the way to discipline children through beatings, abusive language and accusations regardless of what the boy did!

‘Save the child Mohammad’ is trending high with many commentators lost for words, describing the video clip as “horrific” and “indescribable” for its brutality. Now, this is real time domestic violence on screen meted out on young, helpless people that shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

This is torture at an incredible level. It is no way to discipline a child, not to beat him tell he bleeds and or chain him, “your own flesh and blood”, its sadistic, offensive, violent and ruthless and shouldn’t be happening to Mohammad Abdullah Hatem.

Its barbarism and sick others say. Mohammad need to be protected from his fathers’ hands. Where are the authorities, were is UNICEF and those that claim to protect human rights, commentators are shouting? One just adds “shame on you”.

The video clip was picked up by many websites across the Arab world. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustapha Al Khadhimi has seen the video and already ordered the arrest of the father where he will be subject to legal criminal procedures.

Many are saying there should now be new laws enacted in Iraq to protect women and children from violent and abusive fathers and husbands.

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