March 3, 2009

14:32 GMT

The Algerian army has killed 16 armed Islamist fighters during an operation in the mountains of Blida province, about 100 kilometres south of Algiers

February 20, 2009

04:51 GMT

The Algerian artist Fullah is getting ready to release a new album in the Khaliji “Gulf countries” dialect

February 16, 2009

12:49 GMT

Gunmen killed eight Algerian troops in two separate attacks on Sunday, days after seven people died in roadside bombs

February 13, 2009

12:54 GMT

Two roadside bombs have exploded in eastern Algeria, killing seven people hours, the state-run news agency said Friday.

06:50 GMT

Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria, officially announced on Thursday in Algiers his candidacy for presidential election which will be held on

February 8, 2009

14:23 GMT

CEO of Algeria's National Company of Petrol Products Distribution (Naftal), Sa'id Akretche declared Saturday that his company is not fearing the upcoming competition from foreign companies in the fiel

January 21, 2009

08:27 GMT

The trade surplus of Algeria increased to $39.07 billion last year, up 20.12 percent from $32.53 billion in the previous year

December 25, 2008

12:20 GMT

In 2008, the government surplus is expected to represent 14.3% of GDP, reaching AD1,694.5bn, implying a remarkable growth rate of 61.0% over 2007.

December 24, 2008

04:50 GMT

After facing problems with Lebanese authorities over her passport, the Algerian artist Fulla became hysterical and was taken to a hospital in Beirut

December 4, 2008

05:35 GMT

Famous Algerian singer Wardah Al Jazairayah was recently a guest on the entertainment show “Tartata,” aired on Dubai satellite channel Sunday nights

October 27, 2008

04:10 GMT

The Dubai satellite channel is getting ready to air a unique episode of the third season of the entertainment show “Taratata,” featuring the Iraqi singer Rida Al Abdullah, the great singer Wardah Al J

October 13, 2008

12:23 GMT

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has warned of economic and social disaster in case of heavy decline in oil prices.

October 2, 2008

12:30 GMT

Flash floods in Algeria have killed at least 29 people and wounded 84, state radio reported on Thursday.

September 29, 2008

09:51 GMT

A suicide car bomb attack killed three people east of Algiers on Sunday evening, Algeria's official APS news agency reported on Monday.