December 30, 2014

The prominent Shia opposition leader was arrested Sunday following a peaceful rally outside Bahrain's capital Manama to protest the country's general elections held last month. (AFP/File)
18:55 GMT

Bahraini authorities announced the week-long holding of opposition chief Sheikh Ali Salman Tuesday, sparking outrage among international human rights organizations and the Al-Wefaq opposition movement Salman leads.

December 29, 2014

Sheikh Salman’s lawyer, Abdullah al-Shamlan, tweeted that Salman had been accused of "inciting hatred against the regime and calling for its overthrow by force.”(AFP/File)
11:30 GMT

Bahraini authorities on Sunday detained the head of the kingdom’s main opposition group after he was summoned for questioning over unspecified and unknown violations.

Bahrain Airport Company aims for the modernization program to be completed by 2018. (Image: Airports International)
07:37 GMT

The Bahrain Airport Company is due to hand out construction contracts as part of the country's airport modernization program in Q1.

December 27, 2014

Reasons remain unknown as to why the recently re-elected leader was ordered to appear before police investigators. (AFP/File)
14:58 GMT

Bahrain’s main opposition bloc, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, has reelected Sheikh Ali Salman as its leader.

December 21, 2014

Fahmy with his wife Rana. (Image: Al Jaras)
11:58 GMT

Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy celebrated Bahrain's special National Day celebration in Cairo.

December 20, 2014

In recent years, Bani Jamra has been the site of anti-government demonstrations. (AFP/File)
09:44 GMT

A bomb explosion injured three policemen in a Shia village in Bahrain

December 19, 2014

No details were given in the report on how much gas Bahrain could potentially import.
00:29 GMT

Bahrain could start importing gas from Russia in 2017, Russia’s ambassador to the Gulf Arab kingdom told a local newspaper.

December 17, 2014

Alarab will feature expert opinion from renowned guests and never-before-seen social media interaction with its viewers, it said.
04:55 GMT

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), and owner of Alarab News Channel.

December 9, 2014

Bahrain has dealt with widespread unrest since protests began in 2011. (AFP/File)
16:39 GMT

Bahrain's Interior Ministry says a policeman who lost his life in a blast southwest of the capital Manama was a Jordanian officer who was present in the kingdom under a security exchange program.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry has launched an investigation into the attack. (AFP/File)
11:05 GMT

A Bahraini policeman was killed in an explosion southwest of the country's capital, Manama, on Monday night.

December 7, 2014

Sherine performing in Carthage.
20:20 GMT

We're only days out from a gig that get the Bahraini's going. Sherine Abdel Wahab is set to take the stage on December 12th with fellow singer Mohammad Salem.

Britain to establish naval Base in Bahrain. (AFP/File)
14:55 GMT

Bahraini-British naval base deal is being presented as a "symbolic" deal but will identify Britain as an old colonial power siding with Bahrain's Sunni monarchy.

Bahrain FM says Hezbollah like ISIL and Al-Qaeda. (AFP/File)
13:20 GMT

Bahrain's foreign minister compares Hezbollah to groups like ISIL and Al-Qaeda.

The UK has been criticized by rights groups for failing to condemn Bahrain's violent crackdown on opposition protesters. (AFP/File)
11:21 GMT

The British military will set up a permanent base in Bahrain, angering human rights groups who condemned the UK's silence over attacks on protesters in the Arab kingdom.

November 30, 2014

Election officials secure voting boxes after inspection before the voting center opens in Isa Town, south of the Bahraini capital, Manama. (EPA)
16:39 GMT

Results have been announced in the run-off in Bahrain’s parliamentary and municipal elections which took place on Saturday and saw another high turnout despite a boycott of the polls by some opposition groups.