December 1, 2013

Jordan was one of the top ranked countries for economic freedom in the report, despite its growing notoriety for some of the highest taxes in the region. Jordanians gathered earlier this year to protest against tax hikes on cooking gas and telecommunications (AFP)
06:48 GMT

A recent report released by a Canadian public policy think tank suggests that Bahrain, Jordan and the UAE have the highest levels of economic freedom in the region.

November 27, 2013

Bahrain's capital has attracted over 10.8 million visitors in 2013 thus far (Courtesy of Arabia 2day)
09:40 GMT

GCC and ASEAN voted Tuesday to name Bahrain's Manama the 2014 capital of tourism.

November 26, 2013

More than 10.8 million visitors have arrived in Bahrain thus far this year (Courtesy of Samba Samba)
08:32 GMT

In 2013 thus far, 10.8 million visitors have arrived in Bahrain, but confusing passport and visa procedures may discourage additional visitors in the future.

November 24, 2013

Bahrain's King Hamad has come under international scrutiny for what is being described as systematic targeting of political opposition leaders (File Archive/AFP)
12:39 GMT

On Sunday, a Bahraini court sentenced 12 Shiites to 10-year jail terms each for attempting to kill policeman near the country's capital, while a policeman was acquitted for attempting to murder a Shiite protestor.

Gulf Air's profits in the third quarter were 24 percent better than its forecast (Courtesy of Khaleej Times)
10:00 GMT

Bahrain's Gulf Air's restructuring plan has reportedly paid off as third-quarter profits keep airline on track to achieve its annual targets.

A Bahraini photographer holds a mask of Guy Fawkes used by the anonymous movement during an anti-government protest in the village of Bilad al-Qadeem, in a suburb of the capital Manama. (AFP)
06:15 GMT

Bahrain's Interior Ministry said late Saturday that it had arrested two Gulf Arab citizens who are suspected of plotting "terrorist" attacks against the Kingdom.

November 22, 2013

(Image used for illustrative purposes, courtesy of
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A little Latino groovin' and a dash of European passion will make for a night of feverish fun on November 28th at the Dragon Hotel and Resort, Armwaj Islands with the music of legendary Gypsy Kings.

November 19, 2013

A Manama appeals court on Tuesday upheld the 15 year-long jail terms for 17 Shiites convicted over attacking state security forces. (AFP/File)
11:07 GMT

A Manama appeals court on Tuesday upheld the 15 year-long jail terms for 17 Shiites convicted over attacking state security forces.

November 13, 2013

Starting in December, Bahrainis will be able to take specialized courses to become certified social media managers and digital marketers (Shutterstock)
07:02 GMT

With social media activity growing 20 percent in the past year, Bahrain is looking to partner with a major social media organization to train employees on how to use it in their work in the hopes that it will benefit "education, entrepreneurship, and jobs" in the country's future.

November 11, 2013

Bahrain's labor fund Tamkeen offers training budget subsidies to employers to pay increase subsidies for employees who have participated in Tamkeen development trainings (Courtesy of Bahrain News Agency)
08:36 GMT

Bahrain's labor fund Tamkeen has launched an enhanced career progression programme to help employers address performance gaps among their Bahraini employees through training opportunities to allow them "to develop competencies related to their work."

November 10, 2013

Approximately 50,000 illegal workers are supposedly employed in Bahrain (Courtesy of Asia News International)
08:18 GMT

Embassies in Bahrain are helping the government crackdown on illegal workers in the country, estimated to be approximately 50,000.

November 5, 2013

Gulf Air will offer daily flights to Dubai World Central starting in December (Courtesy of Gulf Air)
14:17 GMT

Bahraini politicians decided to withdraw a vote Tuesday that would have forced the country's national airline, Gulf Air, to pay back a $490.7 million year-old bailout.

November 3, 2013

King Hamad of Bahrain called for harsher penalties for those committing "terror acts" in August (Courtesy of Gulf News)
12:37 GMT

The Bahrain government jailed ten Shiites Sunday for forming an Iran-linked "terrorist cell" to launch attacks in the Gulf country.

Batelco's new video surveillance is the first one in Bahrain to be launched on a 4G LTE network (Courtesy of Trade Arabia)
07:02 GMT

Bahrain's telecom services operator launched a video surveillance service on its 4G LTE network, the first of its kind in the country.

October 28, 2013

Anti-government factions from Bahrain's Shiite majority have previously targeted security officials in protest of the oppressive Sunni leadership (Hasan Jamali/AP)
13:05 GMT

A homemade bomb targeting a police patrol in Bahrain wounded security officials in the Gulf country Monday.