November 3, 2013

Batelco's new video surveillance is the first one in Bahrain to be launched on a 4G LTE network (Courtesy of Trade Arabia)
07:02 GMT

Bahrain's telecom services operator launched a video surveillance service on its 4G LTE network, the first of its kind in the country.

October 28, 2013

Anti-government factions from Bahrain's Shiite majority have previously targeted security officials in protest of the oppressive Sunni leadership (Hasan Jamali/AP)
13:05 GMT

A homemade bomb targeting a police patrol in Bahrain wounded security officials in the Gulf country Monday.

October 27, 2013

Ithmaar Bank has provided nearly $450 million for the project that brings together public and private entities to deliver social and affordable housing solutions.
08:14 GMT

It is the largest housing project ever to be developed in Bahrain in partnership with the private sector.

October 23, 2013

Bahrain landline subscriptions, while in decline due to the younger generation's reliance on mobile technology, are also the cheapest in the region according to the report.
13:14 GMT

A spokeswoman for Bahrain's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority welcomed the report's findings, describing it as a "real accomplishment for Bahrain". A spokeswoman for Bahrain's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority welcomed the report's findings, describing it as a "real accomplishment for Bahrain".

A teenager died whilst allegedly transporting a bomb in Bahrain, police said Wednesday. Since its uprising was quashed in 2011, Bahrain has been home to several violent attacks. (AFP/File)
10:04 GMT

A 17 year-old boy died whilst allegedly transporting a bomb in a Bahraini Shiite village, in the latest of low level Shiite-led attacks in the Sunni-ruled Gulf state.

October 21, 2013

The law a includes protection of digital data which has already become public property.
09:01 GMT

A major government crackdown on people who bribe public officials is underway in Bahrain, a report said.

October 19, 2013

Bahrain authorities have used an unprecedented amount of tear gas to crackdown on anti-government protests, with more than 39 people dying from tear gas-related attacks since 2011 (AFP/Getty Images)
09:43 GMT

South Korea is scheduled to ship 1.6 million tear gas canisters to Bahrain by month's end. The small Gulf country has used tear gas in an unprecedented manner to crackdown on the country's anti-government movement.

October 13, 2013

Pearl Square is historically known for protests in Bahrain. [guardian}
10:44 GMT

Bahrain police use force to stop protests by Shiite groups aiming at Sunni-led government.

October 6, 2013

Bahrain's general prosecutor charged ex-MP Khalil Marzooq with "inciting terrorist crimes" Saturday as part of a nationwide crackdown on Shiite opposition figures (Courtesy of CNN)
04:00 GMT

Bahrain's general prosecutor charged Shiite opposition ex-MP Khalil Marzooq Saturday for "inciting terrorist crimes" due to his public support for the February 14 Coalition that was formed during the February 2011 pro-democracy protests.

October 1, 2013

"We expect to create around 250 jobs for Bahrainis and Saudis," he added.
05:30 GMT

Gulf Biotech Company, a venture backed by Saudi investors, plans to set up a new insulin factory in Bahrain at an investment of $93 million, said a report.

September 30, 2013

Bahraini women hold a placard reading 'Stop dictatorship in Bahrain' as they take part in an anti-government protest.(Image credit: AFP)
16:49 GMT

A court in Bahrain jailed 37 Shiites for up to 15 years for carrying out "terrorist crimes" in the kingdom.

September 28, 2013

Protests have broken out in Bahrain after the arrest of ex-MP Khalil Mazrooq. (Image credit: AFP)
06:48 GMT

Thousands of people took to the streets in Bahrain to protest against the arrest of ex-MP Khalil Marzooq.

September 26, 2013

The agreements were signed during His Majesty King Hamad's visit to the Asian country.
09:09 GMT

"It [the visit] has created connections between the private sectors of the two countries which will hopefully be transformed into new joint ventures."

September 22, 2013

Hundreds of millions of dinars are being invested in Bahrain's tourism industry with five new luxury hotels set to open in the next six months.
07:27 GMT

"Despite the troubles, the belief was, things should carry on as normal.:

September 21, 2013

The Celtic Tenors will be performing in Bahrain this month. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

International band The Celtic Tenors are back in Bahrain for one night only. Get your calendars set (and credit cards ready) for a night to remember!