Setting a precedent: Germany lifts Sharm al-Sheikh travel warning

Setting a precedent: Germany lifts Sharm al-Sheikh travel warning
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the answer is easy. You can't keep ttorierry acquired through war. It doesn't matter if it was a defensive war. Egypt wants to renew hostilities, fine. Doesn't change anything about the legal status of the Sinai.And if the question is somehow directed at the Egyptians, as a warning to them that Israel was so charitable in returning the Sinai, and that it has lived up to its part of the bargain, so to speak, and that Israel is thumping its chest over how easily it might retake the Sinai in a war, then this is actually a more petty, foolish brush with war than the Egyptian calls to "revisit" the treaty, because it threatens Egypt's territorial integrity, which is the most basic casus belli.All in all, a worthless retort in response to Egyptian reservations over the peace deal. No one in Egypt is going to start a war with Israel, and if they threatened one, talking about the Sinai as if it ought to be Israel's or as if Israel welcomes war is ridiculous.Also, when they talk about canceling the peace deal with Israel in Egypt, it's awfully clear what fuels the rhetoric. Populists, Pan-Arab nationalists and Islamists stoke fires with Israel over the Palestinian issue. Egypt has no beef with Israel, other than using it as an excuse to assert leadership in the Arab world, and that is a far less useful or relevant tool than it was in the 50s, 60s and 70s, as the Saudis--and the Egyptians themselves--have proven.In this regard, it may be useful to have some inward examination. The average Egyptian isn't interested in an Islamic Caliphate or in using Egyptian blood and treasure to sink Israel into the sea. But sympathy with the Palestinians remains. That was one of Sadat's token provisions in the 1979 agreements, a provision for Palestinian autonomy, which was never implemented and which is seen as remaining unimplemented in spite of Oslo, because the issue is of Palestinian self-determination is completely at a halt.

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