Top Omani official jailed for alleged $1 million bribery

Top Omani official jailed for alleged $1 million bribery
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Hi guys, I used to live in Muscat until last February for 10 years. It's great to see this review of one of my forvaite hangouts. I was one of the salsa crowd that would hang out and dance to the great sounds of the Cuba band indeed I know those guys in the band in your photo. Glad to know they are still there. Your review Andy is the best, most thorough I have seen about Trader's and very fair. I always found the drinks to be superb Mai Tai and Navy Grog anyway. The food was always well prepared and the staff very friendly almost always maybe not too attentive on Thursday nights when the place was packed and basically insane anyway. To shortcut the waiting for the bill on busy nights, I would just walk to the register and pay there the staff were wonderful and somehow could keep track of me as I wandered around from place to place. Of course, I worked hard to be friendly and understanding, and always left a substantial tip, maybe over the years I got to be a cash cow for the staff, but they for years have been GREAT people. Since I may be returning Andy, it's good to know the salsa band is still there. Thanks for a great review. I hope you enjoy your time in Muscat as much as me and my wife did. Steve Fryberger (formerly PDO). cheers

Santos (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 08:57

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