Tinker tailor soldier spy? Wannabe Palestinian Israeli caught in Egypt

Tinker tailor soldier spy? Wannabe Palestinian Israeli caught in Egypt
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I am an Israeli who turned to be anti-Zionist more than 40 years ago ; I did not serve one day in the Israeli army ; I left Palestine more than 30 years ago, after having gradually came to the conclusion that things will not get better there during the time that was left for me to live, and after having decided that I would not be part of that ugly entity of injustice, deportation, expropriation, repression, discrimination and their fruits, i.e. colonial privileges..

I know Andrew (actually Andrey). The mere fact he turned his back to Zionism following his military service is definately not a hint of him being still tied to the Israeli army nor to any other Israeli institution.

Andrey is sharing the fate of biblical prophets : his integrity is exemplary, sometimes one may interprete it as being unflexibility ; he is isolated, marginalized, being mocked and even hated ... but will never omit to give his profound opinion or sentiment. By the way, he is also a very brilliant guy and his knowledge covers numerous fields (well, one may say that an Israeli agent could be brilliant ; I just wanted to help readers to get a more complete and correct image of him).

I have the highest esteem, even admiration, and respect for this young man who certainly had - and possibly still has - to cope with difficulties related to his biography (adaptation, languages acquisition, disillusions, isolation...) Earlier, I had myself to go through some of these, and it all had a price, i.e., what others accomplished through a determined and known in advance delay, took me years and years to repair. Ooops, anyway... I fell again in the trap and got talking too much about myself...

As for the content of the article, please acknowledge that Andrey was trying to join a conference of international - mainly French - peace activists in Cairo on December 25th.

I wonder what allows the author of the article to allegate that "there is no doubt that Pshenichnikov HAS [my emphasys] links to the IDF"... I can assure you he HAS NOT, except when he was arrested by Israeli soldiers (in whick case "shackles" would suit better than "links")
There is nothing of a "bizzare case" : Andrey was first arrested by the Israelis on the East side of the border ; in order to make sure he doesn't cross to Egypt, his passports (Israeli and Russian) were confiscated. By the way, if that doesn't bother you, he HAD an Egyptian entry visa on one of these passports. Only after that, determined as he is to follow his path, did he cross to Egypt illegaly.

Please revise your geography : Taba is not bordering both Israel and Jordan. That would be impossible, unless it would be a floating town on the red sea.

Ans to those "many around the region" (did you make a poll ?) who would be "questioning whether this left-wing anti-patriot can really be an agent of Mossad", please pass my following message : please bare in mind that it is safer and easier for a secret service to recruite among local people. Israel occupied Sinai Peninsula during fifteen years and had largely the opportunity to guarantee its secret presence following the evacuation of the region.


E. Grossfeld

E. Grossfeld (not verified) Sat, 01/05/2013 - 03:33

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