The Saudi Files: Embarrassing intelligence details are leaked online

The Saudi Files: Embarrassing intelligence details are leaked online
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@Zaki Khalid

You have the right to be doubtful about these leaks, but you can't deny the fact that Mujtahidd has proven a lot of these leaks in many occasions, whether by clear documents or leaks made in advance of their public announcement on news outlets.

One recent leak made by Mujtahidd, was revealing, more than a week in advance, the story of Sara Bint Tala, a so-called princess, who called for asylum in UK, before the story was published on British news outlets.

Although he's constantly being harassed by the Internet's childish local intelligence team of Al-Saud, he's still going on in his journey in revealing the cover of corruption which has become known to the public street for a long time. If there's someone you have to call him a conspirator, it would be the guy who owns billions of the public's money saved in his accounts in foreign banks. That's not only one person, but thousands.

Abdullah (not verified) Thu, 07/19/2012 - 19:48

I'm wondering what is the basis on which the said Twitter profile's credibility is based. Any details? I find these leaks and the profile conspiracist in an attempt to ignite general rebellion against the KSA security infrastructure.

Zaki Khalid (not verified) Mon, 07/16/2012 - 13:44

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