An Egyptian riot police man stands guard in a street in the Egyptian city of Port Said.
(AFP Photo\ Stringer)
09:24 GMT

Three were injured in an explosion in a bus station in Port Said in the early hours of Thursday, Aswat Masryia reported.

It's unclear what will happen to Rico's career following his drug arrest. (Image:
08:19 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Rico decided to take heroin... but that didn't work out for him when police caught him red-handed!

January 28, 2015

The two documentaries will be shown at 1st of February at Zawya Cinema. (Image: Zawya Facebook page)
21:51 GMT

To break that taboo, Egypt's Zawya Cinema’s screens will feature new Yemeni films to be shown to the public and open to discussion the behind-the-scenes actions with their makers.

Film Festival poster (Image:
15:37 GMT

They are loving them some Arab and French cinema at the third edition of the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival right now.

DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was shot in the head by Egyptian police. (Image: Egypt Independent)
15:35 GMT

On the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Eguptian uprising, DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was killed by Egyptian police.

"Saraya Abdeen 2" is coming in May! (Image:
14:48 GMT

The cameras have almost completed rolling for the sequel for the hit TV series "Saraya Abdeen".

Faten and Omar remained close friends despite their divorce. (Image:
11:55 GMT

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif sadly missed his ex-wife Faten Hamama's funeral this month, and here he explains why!

Since the deal with Hoegh was finalised, Egypt has signed a deal with Algeria for six LNG cargoes and expects to complete an agreement with Russia's Gazprom later this month.
04:55 GMT

Egypt's state gas board has awarded a $2.2 billion tender to import 75 cargoes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to four international firms.

January 27, 2015

There remains an active black market in the pound that is used by businesses and individuals, and the gap between this and the official rate has been widening for months.
21:20 GMT

Egypt's pound weakened to 7.43 per dollar from 7.39 at a central bank auction on Monday, the weakest level it has been allowed to reach.

Waked is now cast for the upcoming blockbuster Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler. (Image: Facebook)
15:23 GMT

Egypt's "Hollywood" actor Amr Waked will be starring in a new Hollywood blockbuster with US actor Gerard Butler.

It's still unknown how long Dina will have to wait before she can act again. (Image: Albawaba file)
10:28 GMT

Bye bye acting career? Dina Sherbini is still banned from acting following her release from jail on drugs charges.

Yousra has a lot going on right now. (Image: Facebook)
09:12 GMT

Egyptian actress Yousra has officially announced which drama she will be shining in this coming holy month marathon.

Demis Roussos' music career goes way back. The man was a legend! (Image: AFP)
08:56 GMT

The cabaret music turned star was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1945, and he died in Athens, Greece on Sunday.

The video comes just days after protests on the fourth anniversary of Egypt's 2011 revolution left at least 18 mainly-peaceful demonstrators dead across the country when security forces fired into the crowd. (AFP/File)
06:59 GMT

Sinai-based militant group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, who recently pledged allegiance to Daesh and renamed itself "Sinai Province," released a video on Monday depicting what they said were images of Egyptian security forces mistreating Muslim female protesters, followed by footage of captured police captain Ayman El-Desouki's kidnapping and execution at the hands of the group.

Egypt suffered a severe economic crisis after an uprising in 2011 led to the overthrow of two presidents.
04:55 GMT

Egypt can expect economic growth "easily north of 4 percent" in fiscal year 2014-15, which ends in June, boosted by rising confidence and a windfall from lower oil prices.