December 1, 2014

Sami Al Adel is back after foot surgery. (Image courtesy of lyalina)
08:52 GMT

The Egyptian actor is back on homeland soil after traveling abroad for an overdue foot surgery.

Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings, by Ridley Scott. Rupert Murdoch has spoken out on Twitter in support of the film's casting. (Image: 20th Century Fox/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar)
08:45 GMT

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of 21st Century Fox responded to harsh criticism over the lack of ethnic diversity in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Former president Hosni Mubarak (right), sits beside his son Gamal during a court hearing, November 29, 2014. (AFP/File)
08:18 GMT

After an Egyptian court dropped the case against former leader Hosni Mubarak, confusion arose over his fate, future and even if he'll be freed in a matter of days. What could the possible outcome be?

Ahmed Helmy assures fans he's doing better. (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT

Why was he in America, how long did he know about his illness, and other questions curious fans want to know about Ahmed Helmy's journey with cancer answered here.

Palestinian families cross into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and southern Gaza Strip on November 27, 2014. (AFP/file)
04:00 GMT

In many cases, Amnesty said, residents were not given any official warning at all and heard from the media that they had 48 hours to leave their homes.

November 30, 2014

Compensation for hundreds of displaced families will cost the government LE1 billion, said El-Sisi earlier this month.
22:25 GMT

The government plans to develop a new urban area around Rafah to replace the border area demolished as part of the army's campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

600 buses will be supplied by the United Arab Emirates to Egypt next February
21:53 GMT

The 600 buses provided by the UAE will cover around 44.5% of the requirements of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo.

Gulf markets felt the sting of an OPEC decision last Thursday to maintain export quotas
21:29 GMT

Main index down 0.19 percent after sideways session as Arab selling overpowers local retail appetite

Egyptian anti-Mubarak protesters chant slogans as they gather in Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 29, 2014. (AFP/file)
18:17 GMT

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak could soon be released, according to a senior judicial source. The news follows an Egyptian court’s decision on Saturday to drop charges against him relating to the killing of protesters during the country’s 2011 revolution.

A Cairo court on Sunday banned Islamic State and declared it a terrorist group. (AFP/file)
17:07 GMT

Lawyer filed a suit with the Court for Urgent Matters demanding Islamic State be designated a terrorist organisation.

Dina Sharbini is not too happy about being banned from acting. (Image: Facebook)
14:52 GMT

After spending a year in prison for doing drugs, Egyptian actress Dina Sharbini has been set free. Her acting career, however, was not so lucky.

Ahly squad
14:40 GMT

Ahly lost 2-1 at Sewe Sport in the CAF Confederation Cup first leg in Abidjan

A protester stands in Cairo with a sign reading: "30 years of corruption, where are our rights?" November 29, 2014. (AFP/File)
09:34 GMT

One person was killed at eight others injured after Egyptian security forces dispersed thousands of protesters following the Hosni Mubarak verdict.

Egyptian anti-Mubarak protesters chant slogans as they gather in Abdel Moneim Riad Square in Cairo on Nov. 29. (AFP/Mohamed El-Shahed)
08:11 GMT

At least four journalists were among the people arrested.

Pictured is Egypt's prosecutor-general, Hisham Barakat. (AFP/File)
05:30 GMT

Egypt's prosecutor-general, Hisham Barakat, will appeal the acquittal verdict given to former president Hosni Mubarak on charges of responsibility for killing protesters.