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January 29, 2015

Elissa arriving at the Elie Saab show in Paris. (Image: Facebook)
13:24 GMT

Fashionista Elissa attended Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab's latest show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday.

Elie celebrated Lebanon’s capital for all the creativity and elegance it has instilled in him. (Image: THE UNDERGRAD MIND)
10:16 GMT

Elie Saab explains how Beirut is the inspiration behind his elegant, glamorous and creative couture collections.

"Karama Has No Walls" director Sarah Ishaq at the 2014 Oscars with Steve McQueen. (Image: Twitter)
09:42 GMT

Known best for her Academy Award nominated film "Karama Has No Walls", Scottish-Yemeni director Sarah Ishaq shares how that and another documentary have changed her life.

It's unclear what will happen to Rico's career following his drug arrest. (Image:
08:19 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Rico decided to take heroin... but that didn't work out for him when police caught him red-handed!

Screenshot of Angelina Jolie's New York Times headline.
05:00 GMT

After visiting Iraqi refugee camps, Angelina Jolie shared her shocking experiences in an op-ed published in the New York Times.

January 28, 2015

The two documentaries will be shown at 1st of February at Zawya Cinema. (Image: Zawya Facebook page)
21:51 GMT

To break that taboo, Egypt's Zawya Cinema’s screens will feature new Yemeni films to be shown to the public and open to discussion the behind-the-scenes actions with their makers.

Majida El Roumi giving Sharjah some musical lovin' on Monday. (Image: Facebook)
15:51 GMT

Monday was a magical night in Sharjah as Majida El Roumi held the audience captive in a performance that benefited the "Big Heart Foundation".

Film Festival poster (Image:
15:37 GMT

They are loving them some Arab and French cinema at the third edition of the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival right now.

DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was shot in the head by Egyptian police. (Image: Egypt Independent)
15:35 GMT

On the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Eguptian uprising, DJ Ahmed “Zo’la” Mohsen was killed by Egyptian police.

Amal Clooney has the whole world in awe of her brains and beauty.
15:07 GMT

We know her well as Hollywood actor George Clooney's gorgeous and gifted Lebanese wife, but here's what the beautiful barrister is up to now.

"Saraya Abdeen 2" is coming in May! (Image:
14:48 GMT

The cameras have almost completed rolling for the sequel for the hit TV series "Saraya Abdeen".

Mia hinted that Drake hit on her with a half naked pic on Instagram! (Image:
14:09 GMT

Mia Khalifa is the latest "sex interest" of Canadian rapper Drake... or so she claims!

Amal announced a new single release on her official Facebook page. (Image: Facebook)
12:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has a bone to pick with the Arab world's largest music label "Rotana."

Faten and Omar remained close friends despite their divorce. (Image:
11:55 GMT

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif sadly missed his ex-wife Faten Hamama's funeral this month, and here he explains why!

DJ Timo Jahns is coming to Siddharta Lounge. (Image: Facebook)
05:30 GMT

Friday night is gonna be hoppin' as the beat of Bon Iver and Sade and more will fill the air of the Siddartha Lounge by Buddha-Bar on Friday.