Saber El-Rebai: prefers Tunisian women to Lebanese!

Saber El-Rebai: prefers Tunisian women to Lebanese!
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oh yes, here we go again. ameradica the great satan. mabe ameradica should start suiadcide bombading syria, tarhen, lebanon. then mabe we would win the hearts and minds of those oh so very peacadfull fanatadiadcal musadlims. we all foradget they are just misadunadderadstood. but then again there isnt any difadferadence betadtween the above opinoins and pure hatred that you and the the worlds averadage souladless teradroradist pig have for the greatadest counadtry in the world. wake up peoadple. stop makading excuses for state sponadsored teradror and then mabe the world can move foradward. ied’s strapted to menadtally handadiadcapped, ied’s strapted to pregadnant women, ied’s in maradketadplaces, ied’s at funeradals, ied’s at playadgrounds. not to kill ameradiadcans but to kill there own. so yes they are misadunadderadstood, muradderading and butcherading there very own. but the real quesadtion is, why are these “holy waradriors” killing iraqis? the answer is simadple these “holy waradriors” are not from iraq. you need not look any furadther than iran, syria, lebanon. so yes poor syria, so innoadcent, and hopadfully iran is next. i know a good numadber of the above misadinadformed ignoadrant pigs will love this so, GOD BLESS AMERICA MY HOME SWEETa0HOME!

Aashutosh (not verified) Sun, 08/19/2012 - 22:41

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