Report: Nasrallah invited to Turkey

Report: Nasrallah invited to Turkey
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It is clear that Turkey is finally playing a coordinating role between those countries that do not have nuclear weapons, against that country in the middle east that HAS nuclear weapons. I think that the US and Israel needs to take notice that the middle east is changing and is no longer the political domain of the US. Turkey will now coordinate activities between those countries targeted by Israel and make it so that there can be a coordinated response of Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Palestine and Jordan to any assault by Israel or the US against any of the other nations in the group. The US blew the chance it had to be a fair and impartial negotiator in the middle east by not being fair and impartial. I think that Turkey should bring in China and the USSR and show Israel that the US is no longer powerful enough to protect them

Mike (not verified) Mon, 06/14/2010 - 20:00

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