April 6, 2014

Samo is excited about the launch of his latest album and says him and Tamer Hosny are A-OK!
14:07 GMT

Samo Zain prepares to launch his latest music album after a long absence from the music scene, but why is there no Haifa Wehbe to be seen in his new music video?

According to Nabih, Haifa is fully Egyptian without any Lebanese roots! (Image: Facebook)
13:03 GMT

Lawyer Nabih Al Wahsh has revealed a few hidden secrets about Haifa Wehbe and her family.

The Lebanese army has increased security near the Syrian border in recent months. (AFP/File)
12:30 GMT

The Lebanese army arrested four Syrian men after a shootout in Arsal.

Hezbollah's checkpoints will soon be dismantled. (AFP/File)
08:01 GMT

The Lebanese army have begun implementing a security plan in the Bekaa valley that includes dismantling all Hezbollah checkpoints and setting up stricter border policies.

April 4, 2014

Hezbollah's Resistance Brigades have come under fire for allegedly stoking tensions in Sidon's neighborhoods. (AFP/File)
09:01 GMT

Hezbollah recently decided to reactivate and boost the activities of the Resistance Brigades.

April 3, 2014

The Elaph reporter who unzipped Myms's dress at her press conference in Beirut. (Image: YouTube snapshot)
10:47 GMT

During a press conference in Beirut this week, Myriam Fares asked one reporter to unzip her dress. Why?

Nusra Front is allegedly plotting several terrorist operations in Lebanon that are being funded by fundamentalists and Islamist scholars who live abroad (File Archive/AFP)
07:12 GMT

A large number of Nusra Front fighters from Syria have "infiltrated" Lebanon in the past few days, according to reports, and are planning to conduct several terrorist attacks throughout the country.

April 2, 2014

The Lebanese border town of Arsal has frequently been hit and targeted by rockets from Syria (Joseph Eid/AFP)
12:47 GMT

Three rockets from the war in Syria hit Lebanon's northeast town of Labweh Wednesday.

Israeli singer Omer Adam took Fares's song without permission and made it his own. (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:22 GMT

An Israeli singer has taken Lebanese singer Fares Karam's song without permission and made it into his own!

Haifa is busy juggling many business projects at the same time, we don't think she's time for a rumored Goodwill Ambassador! (Image: Facebook)
09:05 GMT

Rumor has it that Haifa Wehbe has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East region.

A draft of the law to protest women from domestic violence was first submitted to Lebanon's parliament in 2010 (Joseph Eid/AFP)
08:42 GMT

While the passage of Lebanon's domestic violence protection law Tuesday represents a critical benchmark in the country's rights framework, activists say the new "weak" law that fails to address some key critical issues involved in the debate may add another layer of complication--and violence--to this sensitive topic.

Lebanese soldiers from the government army have been deployed on multiple occassions to maintain order in the restive northern city of Tripoli (File Archive/AFP)
07:35 GMT

Lebanon's army arrested 75 people in Tripoli Tuesday in a government-sponsored crack down on the restive northern city.

April 1, 2014

Cyrine has so much on her plate, she doesn't know what to do! (Image: Facebook)
18:00 GMT

Two shows, a film, and upcoming songs are filling Cyrine's slate to the max.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy, Amos Hochstein, speaks during an interview with The Daily Star in Beirut, Monday, March 31, 2014. (Image: The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban)
12:52 GMT

The US is urging Lebanon not to drill into disputed zones to avoid conflict.

Nidal performing at the “Al-Wewiyyeh” play. (Image: Boroujconsulting.com)
12:29 GMT

Lebanese theatrical artist Nidal Al Achkar will be participating in the “Gulf Medal in the Arts” Gala and making a single theatrical performance in “Al-Wewiyyeh” today.