October 30, 2006

05:35 GMT

Lebanese television announcer Razan Moughrabi has denied circulating rumors that she has insisted on wearing revealing clothing on her section of the program “Al Bait Baitak” (The House is your House)

October 29, 2006

11:26 GMT

Abu Dhabi Investment House (ADIH) announced that it has a buyer for the first of eight plots in its US$600 million mega-project in the centre of Beirut. Rashad Janahi, CEO of ADIH signed a Memorand

October 28, 2006

16:03 GMT

Scientists studying samples of soil thrown up by Israeli bombing in Lebanon have shown high radiation levels, suggesting uranium-based munitions were

October 26, 2006

21:14 GMT

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz told the European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, on Thursday that Israeli overflights will continue

October 25, 2006

21:09 GMT

An expression of extreme anger appeared on the face of Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi when she was suddenly faced with an embarrassing question by one of the journalists upon her arrival at Cairo Airport

15:37 GMT

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri invited Wednesday political leaders for a consultation session to be held October 30 aimed at resolving demands for the f

October 22, 2006

12:00 GMT

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday that air force flights over Lebanon would continue because arms smuggling from Syria has not stopped.

04:09 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury has called off all his previously scheduled performances in Tunisia as a result of the heartbreaking Israeli raids his country Lebanon is experiencing

October 21, 2006

06:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has admitted that she wishes the man of her dreams looks like Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury, whom she extremely admires

October 19, 2006

13:21 GMT

Lebanon's Speaker Nabih Berri has ruled out the overthrow of Premier Fuad Saniora's cabinet unless "consensus" was reached.

07:04 GMT

Sources at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information have revealed that the ministry has refused to allow a number of female singers to perform in Kuwait during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr