July 14, 2006

10:45 GMT

An Israeli cabinet minister on Friday threatened to eliminate Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

06:10 GMT

Israeli warplanes struck a bridge in the southern suburb of Beirut, a Hizbullah stronghold, and the fuel stores of the Jiyyeh power plant south of the

July 13, 2006

22:18 GMT

Two rockets slammed into the northern port city of Haifa on Thursday evening. The rockets hit the Stella Maris area on Mt. Carmel, Israel TV reported.

21:56 GMT

Hizbullah's Wednesday operation on the border with Israel and the latter's fierce response has undoubtedly destroyed any chance for Lebanon’s tourism sector to flourish.

15:48 GMT

The Lebanese cabinet on Thursday failed to secure a ceasefire between Israel and Hizbullah despite Prime Minister Fouad Saniora's stepped up contacts

12:07 GMT

Paris and Moscow on Thursday strongly condemned Israel's strikes in Lebanon as a dangerous escalation of the Middle East conflict but Washington, whil

11:59 GMT

Israeli warplanes Thursday bombed runways at Beirut's Rafiq Hariri International Airport, which was then closed to traffic, reports said.

03:45 GMT

A request submitted by Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi a year ago to become a member of the Lebanese Professional Artist Association has been denied

July 12, 2006

13:16 GMT

The Israeli army launched a ground and air assault on south Lebanon Wednesday after Hizbullah announced that it captured two Israeli soldiers along th

11:39 GMT

Hizbullah on Wednesday announced the capture of two Israeli soldiers.

05:38 GMT

Despite the harsh criticism controversial Lebanese singer Marwa received over the song presented in her first film “Haha and Tufaha,” considered inappropriate and even demeaning, producer Mohammad Al

05:36 GMT

Lebanese director Saeed Al Marouq decided on a storyline for the upcoming music video for Lebanese singer Najwa Karam for the song “Shu Halhala” (What’s this Beauty)

July 10, 2006

16:48 GMT

Controversial Lebanese singer Marwa revealed that she will make her first debut onto the big screen through the upcoming Egyptian film “Haha and Tufaha”, alongside Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdul Aziz

16:46 GMT

During a special visit to Jordan, controversial Lebanese singer Marwa appeared as a live guest on a daily program aired on the radio station "Sout Al Ghad" (The Voice of Tomorrow)

16:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Nourhanne has completed filming the music video for the song "Tab Wana Mali" (What is it my Business) under the direction of Camille Tanyous from Lebanon