June 4, 2006

08:36 GMT

Wearing the latest trends in fashion for Lebanese singers Haifa Wahbi and Alissa is one of their main concerns, leading them to wear the exact same dress but on different occasions

08:23 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi was recently honored by the International Union in charge of the ‘Miss Lebanon’ beauty pageant. Haifa was presented an award for her drive to succeed from the moment she l

08:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Rami Ayash plans on filming a music video for the popular duet he performed with Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, “Balghi Kul Mawa'eedi" (I will Cancel all my Plans) during an episode of t

07:49 GMT

Lebanese television broadcaster and actress Razan Moughrabi is preparing to film her first music video under Egyptian production company ‘Alam El Phan,’ who will also produce her first album

June 2, 2006

08:23 GMT

Thousands of Hizbullah supporters have taken to the streets in Beirut's southern suburbs late Thursday burning tires and blocking roads, including the

May 31, 2006

10:16 GMT

Lebanese singers Assi Hilani, Rami Ayash and Grace Deeb held a joint concert in Tunisia for an event sponsored and organized by the electronics company LG

09:07 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi will arrive in Kuwait in mid-June to hold a special charity concert for the international organization ‘Sun Good’ that is specialized in treating children wi

07:29 GMT

Lebanese singer/actress Nicole Saba has begun filming the first scenes of her upcoming film "Dastit Ashrar" (A Dozen Evils), written by Khaled Jala and directed by Rami Imam, son of prominent Egyptian

May 30, 2006

13:58 GMT

Lebanon's state-run electric company, Electricite Du Liban (EDL), has been a cause of concern for many Lebanese citizens due to its poor service and financial losses.

May 29, 2006

12:52 GMT

More than 120 representatives from over 30 regional distributors and systems integrators are in Beirut this week with Sun Microsystems Middle East, No

08:31 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has been confronted by several rumors that have threatened to tarnish the ‘nice girl’ image she had worked so hard to create

May 28, 2006

19:11 GMT

Sunday was a day of heavy clashes on the Israeli - Lebanese border. In the afternoon, Israeli troops and fighters likely from Hizbullah traded heavy f

17:34 GMT

Top leaders hear upbeat message at Beirut annual conference ARAMEX (DFM: ARMX), the global transportation and logistics solutions provider, recentl

17:25 GMT

Visa International, the world’s leading payment organization, announced the launch of its "Summertime and the Winning Is Easy" campaign, a national pr

09:57 GMT

Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury was recently in Dubai to undergo a number of activities the most significant being the filming of a new television commercial for an international watch company, marking hi