June 19, 2005

07:40 GMT

Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Assembly of Professionals and Technicians in Lebanon (APTL), recently held a ceremony in Biel, Beirut, to hon

June 17, 2005

09:59 GMT

A German prosecutor leading a U.N.-mandated probe into the February assassination of former Lebanon's Premier Rafik Hariri confirmed Friday that a tru

June 16, 2005

13:47 GMT

Lebanese singer Carol Samaha has announced to the world that she is passionately in love, affirming that the relationship has a strong potential for marriage

12:40 GMT

After an absence that lasted over two years, Lebanese singer Elaine Khalaf is making her comeback to the music scenes with a new album “Bardo Sudfa” (Also a Coincidence)

12:30 GMT

During her stay in Canada, Lebanese diva Fairouz worked on a surprise for all her fans and recorded the new single “Baiti El Isgheer” (My Small House), which is written by her daughter Rima Al Rahbani

June 15, 2005

09:49 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba has expressed her disappointment at the negative image the media has presented of her, depicting her as a provocative singer who depends solely on her looks and sexual appe

07:34 GMT

Local Moroccan officials in Casablanca have refused to grant a permit to Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi to hold a concert

June 14, 2005

13:40 GMT

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani has denied circulating rumors that a major dispute broke out between him and Saeed Al Marouq, the director of his music videos, and affirmed that he is not seeking a new di

12:18 GMT

Lebanese singer Carol Samaha recently appeared as a guest on the Egyptian television program “Al Bait Baitak,” hosted by Mahmoud Saed and aired live on Egyptian local television

June 13, 2005

16:01 GMT

Former exiled Gen. Michel Aoun scored a sweeping election victory in Lebanon’s Christian heartland north and northeast of Beirut

08:40 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi recently completed filming her latest music video for the song “Bidi Eish” (I want to live), written by prominent Lebanese composer Elias Rahbani

June 12, 2005

11:35 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi revealed that she intends on filming a new music video, but did not disclose the title of the song

07:23 GMT

Voters on Sunday went to polling stations in central and eastern Lebanon in the most crucial round of Lebanon's parliamentary elections.

07:16 GMT

Elli Deeb, business manager and husband of Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi, has revealed that once again negotiations between his wife and Rotana Production Company have reached a dead end