August 17, 2006

06:18 GMT

In complete secrecy, Haifa donated a very large sum of money for reconstruction of southern Lebanon, which is where the most damage caused at the hands of the Israelis

August 16, 2006

20:15 GMT

The Lebanese government decided on Wednesday to send the army to the south for the first time in decades.

16:17 GMT

The month-long Israeli bombardments inflicted material damages on Lebanon worth US$3.5 billion, the head of reconstruction in the country said on Wednesday.

15:24 GMT

Hizbullah on Wednesday said it would not leave the area south of the Litani river and stressed that the issue of its arms is not negotiable

10:13 GMT

Foreign ministers of France, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia were due to arrive in Beirut on Wednesday to work out details on assembling a 15,000-strong

06:13 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares may accept the leading role in a new joint Lebanese - Egyptian film to be shot in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia

August 15, 2006

15:17 GMT

Israel started pulling out forces from southern Lebanon and made plans to hand over territory Tuesday on the first full day of a tense cease-fire as I

11:45 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Tuesday that the U.S. plan for a "new Middle East" has collapsed following Hizbullah's victory against Israel.

07:16 GMT

Thousands of Lebanese refugees continued to head home to south Lebanon on Tuesday as a ceasefire between Israel and Hizbullah held on into a second da

04:40 GMT

Military barricades surrounded the filming scene of the new clip that brings prominent Lebanese diva Sabah and rising singer Rola together once more

03:50 GMT

Egyptian Parliament member Radi, from the Islamists party, has withdrawn his request that Egypt ban both Lebanese singers Haifa Wahbi and Nancy Ajram from holding any performances in Egypt

August 14, 2006

20:21 GMT

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that his fighters achieved a "strategic, historic victory" against Israel - a declaration that pr

17:31 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday vowed to relentlessly hunt down Hizbullah leaders despite the truce enforced earlier in the day in the Le

14:08 GMT

Lebanese, Israeli and U.N. officers met on the border Monday to discuss the pullout of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon and the deployment of the