January 12, 2006

16:56 GMT

The former Vice President of Syria on Thursday accused the country's President, Bashar al Assad of ordering the assassination of former Lebanese Prime

13:28 GMT

Lebanese singer/ actress Nicole Saba denied circulating rumors that the Council for the Management of the Musician’s Union in Egypt has banned her from performing in the country

06:24 GMT

The Bush administration has threatened to refer Syria to the UN Security Council, accusing it of not cooperating with the inquiry into the killing of

January 9, 2006

09:13 GMT

Al-Qaeda's chief in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, stated in an audio tape appeared in an Islamist website that last month's rocket attack had been launc

January 8, 2006

10:30 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashaalan was presented with the award for Best Song for the year 2005 in Morocco

07:49 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa is currently placing the final touches on her upcoming album, which she hopes to release in the coming weeks

January 7, 2006

10:51 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dismissed accusations by his ex-vice president that he had threatened former Lebanese PM ahead of the latter's assass

January 6, 2006

19:01 GMT

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has revealed that she has kept a low profile in the past period due to the tragic conditions that clouded over the region, specifically with the recent assassination of Leb

18:58 GMT

Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker is scheduled to hold a grand performance in Abu Dhabi on December 8, 2005 for the launching of the internationally famous car race Formula One

January 5, 2006

11:36 GMT

A major production company is striving to convince Lebanese singer Alissa to accept the leading role in the new film “Al Hares” (The Guard), directed by Amro Arafeh. The film also stars prominent Egy

09:18 GMT

Druze leader Walid Jumblat has urged Washington to occupy Syria and oust its current regime as it did in Iraq.

January 4, 2006

13:53 GMT

Israel has decided not to build a wall through an occupied Syrian village split between Israel and Lebanon, but instead will beef up security there, a

January 3, 2006

10:00 GMT

Lebanese singer/ actress Nicole Saba is preparing for several New Year’s Eve concerts in Egypt for a second year

08:57 GMT

Lebanese television announcer-actor Razan Moughrabi has given her initial agreement to star in the upcoming film “Al Nasabeen” (The Crooks)

05:52 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is set to discuss on Wednesday the possible transfer of the northern Israeli town of Ghajar, half of which now lie