January 10, 2015

The new round of talks hope to bring an end to conflict in Libya. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
20:00 GMT

Factions in Libya have agree to a new round of dialogue at the UN in Geneva with the aim of ending the country's political and security crisis.

January 9, 2015

Armed militants from Derna's Islamic Youth Council drive through eastern Libya, October 3, 2014. (Image: Screenshot)
09:00 GMT

An extremist group affiliated with Daesh has reportedly executed two Tunisian journalists in Libya, although the claim has not yet been verified.

January 8, 2015

Libya had a budget deficit of around $15 billion at the end of November, the bank said, before oil output fell by half.
11:34 GMT

With the oil price plunging and no sign of an end to hostilities, economic options are few.

January 5, 2015

While a Libyan military spokesman claims he oil tanker was shot at after refusing to stop, Greece says the vessel was anchored at port when the fighter jet struck. (AFP/File)
20:16 GMT

A Greek-operated oil tanker was attacked by a Libyan fighter jet Monday in Libya's port city of Derna. Two sailors and two crew members were killed.

The north African country has been the site of brutal killings and kidnappings by powerful militias, including seven other Egyptian Christians found shot dead near Benghazi in February. (AFP/File)
16:37 GMT

A tribal leader in Libya reported Monday that the 13 Egyptian Christians being held in the country since Saturday, refuting original claims of kidnapping and insisting they had instead been held by 'people smugglers.'

The north African country has been the sight of fierce clashes between rival militias since the 2011 overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi's longtime regime. (AFP/File)
16:02 GMT

After French President Francois Hollande said Paris would strike militants attempting to leave restive Libya on Monday, a high-ranking Libyan official declared his government in opposition of any Western intervention attempts.

January 4, 2015

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian talks with French soldiers of the Barkhane operation on January 1, 2015, in Madama, Niger, near the Libyan border. (AFP PHOTO / Dominique Faget)
11:00 GMT

Niger’s president explicitly called for military intervention in Libya, a position that is supported by a number of other African states including Mali and Senegal.

Libyan authorities have no control over areas claimed by extremist groups, especially in Sirte. (AFP/FIle)
08:30 GMT

The latest incident brings the number of Egyptian Copts currently abducted in neighbouring Libya to 20.

December 31, 2014

Fighters from the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) militia fire an anti-tank cannon during clashes with forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognised government near the Wetia military air base. (AFP/Mahmud Turkia)
18:30 GMT

The attack launched on Libya’s largest oil terminal saw militants fire rockets from speedboats, setting alight huge oil tanks and causing Libya’s oil production to plunge by two-thirds, to 350,000 barrels per day, according to the state oil company.

A second plane belonging to a militia group was downed following a raid on the Al-Sedra oil port. (AFP/File)
12:52 GMT

Libyan forces downed a second militia plane after a raid on the Al-Sedra oil port, while the UN condemned a suicide attack on the country's parliament headquarters.

December 30, 2014

Fierce clashes have rocked war-torn Libya since last week, when militants attempted a takeover of the Ras Lanuf oil terminals in the north. (AFP/File)
20:30 GMT

Pro-government forces in Libya say they downed a helicopter carrying militants, who days earlier carried out air attacks on major oil facilities in the country's east.

Heavy damage was reportedly caused by a car bomb inside the Libyan parliament headquarters in Tobruk. (AFP/File)
13:51 GMT

A car bomb rocked Libya's parliament headquarters in the eastern city of Tobruk Tuesday with an unknown number of casualties reported.

The attack is believed to have been religiously motivated. (AFP/File)
13:05 GMT

The bodies of three Coptic Christians were returned to Egypt after they were murdered by unidentified gunmen in Libya.

December 25, 2014

Who said Santa had a bunch of reindeer? Santa (or Santas more like it!) ride proud Arabian pedigree horses in the Middle East - it´s too hot for reindeer of course! Yalla, giddy up!!
04:13 GMT

Arab Santas unite! Here's our top picks from the MENA region. Welcome to Christmas in Arabia!