Iranian leader: Arab revolts to reach Europe

Iranian leader: Arab revolts to reach Europe
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Iran & Iraq are positive attitude countries in MODERN GULF.....& if all the oil rich states united form a united gulf, keeping aside all those trash politics of shia & sunni ( which is a weapon to amerikis & its allies & israel to divide gulf for their benefits....NOT YOURS) and all kinds of ideological indifferences THEN nobody from outside will get courage to show a finger, even towards a small nation. UNITY is a biggest thing in regional security of nations in oil rich Gulf. Remember, you are the trouble creators, you'll be the sufferers......USA & Allies including Israel will gain profit out of it. They are the most hungry hyenas when they enter Gulf waters. Hey GCC Freinds, Beware of those MASKED FREINDS.....they are not aristocrat golden falcons but hungry vultures & hyenas.

suman (not verified) Thu, 05/05/2011 - 14:27

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